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Aquarius and Aquarius – sign compatibility

This union of two extraordinary people is rather unusual. The compatibility of the signs Aquarius and Aquarius determines the complete freedom of both partners as a guarantee of their harmonious relationship. Interest in each other in this union will never be lost, since both are so unpredictable that it is simply impossible for them to get bored together.

Aquarius and Aquarius - sign compatibilityAquarians proclaim independence and equality in relationships. Their openness to the outside world is amazing. They are so fond of travel and adventures of all kinds that it is almost impossible to find them on the spot, like, for example, two Capricorns. It is also impossible to force them to marry. After all, Aquarians are the most ardent adherents of informal relationships from the entire zodiacal circle. Nevertheless, if this did happen, it means that they are really made for each other.

Compatibility Aquarius and Aquarius is characterized by the fact that both partners are constantly on the verge of madness and genius. They are happy to bring crazy innovative ideas to life, amazing others with their expressive antics along the way. In addition, their unpredictability fully extends to the relationship in a couple. They themselves do not know if their relationship will last for decades or will end in a couple of moments.

Along with the inconstancy of these representatives of the air element, it should be noted that the value of friendship and partnership for Aquarius is higher than the value of a love union. They are very suspicious of such a substance as love, therefore, first of all, they strive to find a friend in each other who will always be ready to share with a partner both joyful and sad moments.

Talking about the love of Aquarius, one cannot fail to mention their ideas about the ideal chosen one. Every Aquarius wants to see more than just a partner next to him. He should represent a friend, helper, father or mother, brother or sister, as well as a personal guru, instructor, and the like. At the same time, the beloved must preserve the spontaneity of a teenager until a ripe old age and be wise enough to solve important problems. Such strict criteria become the reason for the so often found loneliness of Aquarius.

Sexual compatibility of the signs Aquarius and Aquarius

The intimate life of partners is very rich and varied. In their ingenuity, they practically achieve the ideal in spiritual and physical interaction. Sexual compatibility of the signs Aquarius and Aquarius is characterized only on the positive side, since both are open to everything new and ready for experiments. Unfortunately, true deep feelings rarely arise between Aquarius, they are too rational and reasonable. However, this does not prevent them from enjoying the relationship and being happy.

Compatibility: Aquarius man – Aquarius woman

Aquarians' requirements for a potential partner are very high. However, if they are together, then they are quite happy with each other. There will be a lot of interesting things in this union, since both partners are very curious and love adventure. The house in which two Aquarius live will always be full of friends. Representatives of the air element are in dire need of such an excess of communication. However, in conditions when the bedroom is littered with other people's coats and bags, it is rather difficult to build a love relationship. Therefore, they should at least sometimes lock themselves in their own world and pay a little attention to each other, then the subsequent entertainment will bring more pleasure.

The compatibility of the signs Aquarius and Aquarius carries with it another difficulty. Both representatives of the air element are terribly stubborn. Their perseverance does not allow them to listen to other people's advice and requests. Aquarius is unpredictable because he does only what he considers necessary, and the thoughts in his head are quite diverse and sometimes with a note of extreme. It is difficult for two Aquarians to agree. If they have different opinions on any issue, then nothing will force them to yield to each other.

Such collisions happen often, but Aquarius, with their characteristic ease, immediately switch to something more pleasant. For example, both can make beautiful gifts and pleasant surprises. And they both love to receive them. Therefore, the joint life of Aquarius, with all its collisions, is very full of positive events.

Aquarius and Aquarius - sign compatibilityNo one can predict how long this air alliance will last, but one thing is one hundred percent sure: they are happy. Here and now.

Business compatibility of two Aquarius

Not a bad tandem for fruitful cooperation. Business compatibility of the signs Aquarius and Aquarius manifests itself well in a creative environment where partners communicate through the prism of beauty. It is inspiration that delays the fickle disposition of Aquarius for a certain time. They can get along well and solve important issues with each other. However, being too close will have a negative impact on work. It is best to practice moderation in your relationship.

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