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Agate – the magical properties of a stone

Agate stone is a type of quartz. Since ancient times, he has served people as a protector from dark forces and a savior from many diseases. It was used in Ancient Egypt, Rome, India and Georgia. The spectrum of action of the magical properties of agate is very wide.

Agate - the magical properties of a stone

The magical properties of agate

Agate is the strongest amulet against damage and the evil eye. He creates an invisible barrier for any negative energy, absorbing any of its manifestations. You must always have such a stone with you, and when you return home, you must certainly thank it for your help, while holding it under a stream of cold water.

Agate stone is a great aid in meditation. If you look at this mineral for a long time, you can feel a sense of calm and peace. For people who have the rudiments of the gift of clairvoyance, the magical properties of agate will help to fully reveal them.

The power that agate stone possesses creates a harmonious aura around its owner. He becomes more eloquent, easier to achieve success. Also, with the help of the magical properties of agate, you can enhance your insight and clear your mind of negative thoughts.

Agate - the magical properties of a stoneHowever, only a person of high moral principles can use the magical properties of agate stone. Agate can be presented to a person for whom sympathy has arisen, then feelings will become mutual. Also, this mineral is a love talisman. Before parting, lovers can exchange such stones, then their feelings will not cool down, and agate will help to reunite as soon as possible.

There are quite a few varieties of agate stone. They can have different color shades. The magical properties of agate can also manifest themselves in different ways.

White agate will help the wearer gain self-confidence, softness and calmness. It is a strong defender against dark energy, therefore it is often used as a talisman for young children.

Gray agate is a true fighter for justice. It strengthens business ties and provides an opportunity to establish constructive dialogue, calming anger and other unpleasant feelings.

Blue agate is a stone of love and creativity. Yellow agate is a trading stone and should be used before making important purchases. Also, the yellow mineral protects family ties, strengthens relations between spouses, and adjusts to a favorable completion of any business.

Black agate is the most powerful of its kind. He gives a person great willpower, determination and perseverance. Also, a black stone will protect the wearer from any manifestations of evil doom. However, the constant wearing of this mineral can provoke melancholy feelings and ultimately – depression.

Green agate protects family ties and home. This pebble is placed under the threshold before moving into the house.

Agate - the magical properties of a stone

The healing properties of agate

Just as the magical properties of agate stone help a person discover the gift of clairvoyance, the healing properties of this mineral make it possible to restore vision. In addition, agate significantly improves the functioning of the digestive system and kidneys.

To improve the condition of the respiratory system and defeat severe sore throat, agate beads can be worn for a while. If the disease occurs in the oral cavity or teeth hurt, earrings with agate inserts will help. The healing properties of the agate bracelet will help with ailments of the musculoskeletal system and cramps.

If you wear an agate ring on the ring finger of your left hand, heart disease will recede. And putting this jewelry on the middle finger of the right hand to a person who suffers from insomnia and is prone to hysterics, you can save him from these ailments. It is useful for asthmatics to wear an agate brooch. It should also be borne in mind that the healing properties are significantly enhanced by the presence of a copper frame.

Agate - the magical properties of a stone

Agate stone in astrology

All types of agate, especially yellow agate, are great for Taurus . Also , Aquarius , Cancer , Libra and Gemini can use their help . The latter, with the help of this mineral, can more strongly develop positive traits of their character.


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