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Amethyst stone – magical properties

Amethyst was named after a Greek nymph. This transparent purple mineral is very beautiful, therefore it is often used in jewelry making. It is believed that Amethyst is the most powerful talisman against evil doom. Since ancient times, it has been used to get rid of unhappy love, opening the doors to a new life for its owner.

Amethyst stone - magical properties

The magical power of Amethyst

Amethyst is also called a “non-drunk” stone. In ancient times, cups were decorated with this mineral, believing that it protects against poisoning with poisons and alcohol. Also, amethyst is a church stone, since an amethyst ring was handed over to the cardinals. The choice fell on this purple mineral for a reason: it expresses the severity and purity that a church minister should be characterized by.

The magical properties of the Amethyst stone are determined by its value. It symbolizes spirituality, integrity and devotion. This mineral is really able to protect from drug addiction and alcoholism, as well as get rid of bad intentions. By his influence, he can motivate a person to do good deeds. In addition, it has a beneficial effect on the state of the nervous system, eliminating hot temper and aggression.

Amethyst is a stone of rest and harmony, as it is able to neutralize any negative feelings. He becomes an assistant in resolving conflicts. In addition, he reveals the inner abilities of a person and can develop the gift of foresight.

Stone AmethystThis unique mineral is able to save its owner from melancholy and disturbing thoughts. It is good for dealing with insomnia if kept under a pillow.

At the same time, Amethyst is considered the stone of loneliness. You can give jewelry with Amethyst only to a person whose reciprocity is expected by the donor. Thus, this stone can destroy a couple or even a family. Therefore, amethyst gifts should be accepted with extreme caution.

For representatives of creative professions, the magical properties of the Amethyst stone allow them to reveal their potential. This mineral is able to enhance the talent given by nature.

Stone Amethyst

The healing properties of the stone

The magical properties of the stone Amethyst have been used for medicinal purposes since ancient times. It has a calming effect, therefore it copes well with diseases of the nervous system and mental disorders. Amethyst relieves headaches, nightmares and anxiety.

The purple mineral has been used in many countries to treat kidney and liver diseases, skin conditions, and to cleanse the circulatory system. Lithotherapists claim that long-term observation of the stone will relieve nervous tension and achieve a state of balance.

The healing properties of Amethyst have a beneficial effect on metabolism. There is a regulation of the digestive and endocrine systems. In modern cosmetology, Amethyst is used to improve the condition of the skin. It relieves freckles and excessive pigmentation.

Uses for the signs of the zodiac

The Amethyst stone, the magical properties of which are undeniable, must be worn constantly. However, it should be borne in mind that the mineral can change mood. When a conflict occurs, Amethyst absorbs negative energy in order to protect the owner. However, subsequently, this energy must find a way out, and the mineral sometimes charges the owner with negative emotions. In order to “calm down” the stone, you need to hold it under running water for several minutes.

Astrologers claim that Amethyst is the stone of the air signs of the Zodiac, first of all, Aquarius , and it also suits the fiery  Aries . The first Amethyst will relieve stubbornness, and the second will bring peace. The purple mineral will help Aries to pacify their selfishness, and Aquarius will make them more discerning.

For Pisces, the stone is indicated for constant wearing. The mineral brings happiness and well-being to this sign.

If a ring is decorated with amethyst, it should be worn on the ring finger. For women – the left hand, for men – with the right. The setting of the stone is also of great importance. If silver becomes a companion of Amethyst, he will help in establishing business and friendly contacts. Amethyst, set in gold, will restore the owner's energy balance.


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