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Rauchtopaz – magical properties of stone

Rauchtopaz stone is a kind of quartz. This amazing gem is very beautiful and is used in jewelry making. Especially appreciated is the golden brown stone, which has the effect of a star glowing inside.

Rauchtopaz - magical properties of stone

Properties of Rauchtopaz stone

Rauchtopaz stone is a natural mineral that reflects and removes all toxins, negativity and negative energy from the body. The magical properties of the rauchtopaz stone make it possible to cleanse the human soul, get rid of old grievances, envy and anger.

This gem is able to calm the soul, bring peace and give rise to the flow of creative energy. That is why smoky quartz has become widespread in Buddhism. Rauchtopaz was called the Buddha stone, because its power helps in meditation and reveals all the abilities of a person that were previously hidden in his subconscious.

The magical properties of this unique gem allow you to get rid of anxious feelings. It is enough just to squeeze it in your hand and imagine that the stone draws in all the bad things that have accumulated in the soul. When the feeling arises that the rauchtopaz has warmed up, you can unclench your hands and relax. This little help to the mineral makes its effect as effective as possible.

Rauchtopaz - magical properties of stoneIt is contraindicated for some to wear rauchtopaz products in the immediate vicinity of the head. The fact is that this gem has a very strong effect on the subconscious, and not everyone can adequately perceive such interference. The best option is to buy a ring or bracelet with a rauchtopaz.

Rauchtopaz stone is perfect for hot-tempered people who find it difficult to control their emotions. He will pacify even those who are pathologically prone to hysteria. Also, the mineral relieves its owner of pride and vanity.

RauchtopazIn ancient times, many believed that rauchtopaz was a companion of black magicians and sorcerers. This was due to its dark color. However, later the use of the stone showed that its magical properties did not pander to evil forces. At the same time, rauchtopaz, which has black spots, should be discarded. It is believed that he attracts misfortune to his owner.

When choosing a rauchtopaz jewelry, it is best to opt for a silver piece. It is silver that unlocks the potential of this wonderful mineral. Long-term wearing is also undesirable, since the gem has incredibly strong magical properties.

Healing properties

Rauchtopaz has always been highly regarded for its medicinal properties. It stabilizes the state of the body as a whole, has a positive effect on the work of the endocrine system, improving the function of the adrenal glands and pancreas. Also, rauchtopaz increases the level of sexual energy and restores the functions of the reproductive system.

Most often, the healing properties of rauchtopaz are manifested in the process of eliminating disorders of the nervous system. Any stressful situations that can provoke a nervous breakdown or tantrum should be experienced with rauchtopaz. He will take away all the negativity and give a feeling of blissful tranquility. To do this, just hold it in your hand and focus on its healing properties.

Also, the mineral perfectly copes with headaches and general fatigue. It mobilizes the internal forces of the body. Rauchtopaz is often used in smoking cessation, alcoholism and drug addiction treatment. It cleans the body of accumulations of harmful substances and makes it easier to cope with addiction.

Rauchtopaz - magical properties

Rauchtopaz for the zodiac sign

Among the signs that show the use of rauchtopaz is Capricorn . It is Capricorn who has enough inner strength to use the support of rauchtopaz without fear. Also, the gem can be an excellent talisman for women born under the sign of Libra . Thanks to the miraculous power of rauchtopaz, Libra will constantly be in a state of balance, radiating positive energy.

For all other signs, the Rauchtopaz stone can also be useful, but it should be used in doses, not forgetting about the power of those magical properties that are hidden in it. Refrain from wearing a stone should only be fire signs – their impulsiveness will constantly be in conflict with the pacifying energy of the mineral.


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