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Feng Shui at work

Competent organization of the workspace makes it possible to take advantage of the additional reserves of energy that Feng Shui gives at work . In addition, the organic arrangement of objects at work is a guarantee that very little time will be spent on difficult tasks.

Feng Shui at workAny unpleasant little thing can negatively affect labor productivity. For example, a small clutter on the desktop makes logical thinking difficult, and the wrong color scheme in the interior can affect the degree of concentration. Some items are also capable of negatively affecting the success of their owner.

Color spectrum

The doctrine of achieving harmony of space must necessarily accompany all actions for arranging a place in the office. Feng Shui at work opens up ample opportunities for the implementation of creative ideas. The most serious part of this philosophy is the study of colors and shades. Each color in the interior of the workspace can carry its own energy, increasing or negating the mental capacity of the worker.

Usually, muted tones are used for the office and individual interior items, which are not able to distract the employee from the primary tasks. These are all shades of beige, gray, white in limited quantities. Sometimes you can come across separate color spots, which, as if by chance, were forgotten by the artist. This decision is quite justified: a slight stimulation of brain activity, which will not lead to a complete loss of concentration, will only improve the work environment.

Feng Shui at work also takes into account individual color preferences. If the office is dominated by a color that causes a negative reaction from the employee, it is better to get rid of it.

According to this Eastern teaching, a purple lamp should be installed to attract work, and a black marble sculpture should be installed to achieve prosperity in the quarry. Such attributes will become indispensable helpers in promotion.

Feng Shui workplace design

The use of Feng Shui teachings at work extends not only to the premises, but also to the most important attribute of daily work activities – the desktop. Success in the professional field completely depends on how the objects will be located on it.

The table lamp should rightfully occupy the extreme left corner of the table – then the flow of funds for its owner will be ensured. Another element designed to help achieve success is a photo of an employee that captures any joyful work-related event. This emotional recharge is a powerful factor that can move you up the ladder.

In the extreme right corner of the table, the rightful place should be reserved for the figurine of a couple in love. This will help strike a balance between work and family relationships.

feng shui desktopThe table must be large enough. Its size in some way reflects the status of the owner and the prospects that are open to him.

Another important law for feng shui at work is maintaining perfect order. This is the only way to achieve good success in business. Clutter breeds disorganization.

What you shouldn't forget

There are certain little things that can literally turn your life around. Seemingly very insignificant objects, they play a big role in the formation of individual positive energy.

A metal figurine should be placed in the left corner of the table – this will help attract money.

A small source of water (small fountain) will help disperse negative messages around the workplace.

Feng Shui desktop arrangement

The way a person sits in the process of working activity directly affects his performance. Sitting with your back to the door is a bad idea. This creates a feeling of insecurity in the person and distracts from the work process. In addition, the teaching of feng shui at work suggests that an employee who takes a seat at the door will gradually survive from the team. For two employees, sitting opposite each other is far from the best option for cooperation. This arrangement will provoke controversy and interfere with work.

The best option is to take a position with your back to the wall. Thus, the rear is protected.

Feng Shui at work is a pretty useful teaching. Every employee should be aware that the correct organization of the workspace is the key to the success of any activity. In case of difficulty, you should turn to a similar philosophical doctrine for an explanation of the impact of feng shui on work.

Some little things that don't get a lot of attention can sometimes jeopardize career development. Studying feng shui techniques at work is a promising and rather developed phenomenon.


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