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Does feng shui work?

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that originated several thousand years ago. It combines science and art to create balance and harmony with life energy – called Chi energy .

Why Feng Shui worksOur planet Earth is not just an ordinary space object that orbits in space. Energy permeates our world completely. This vital energy in Chinese is called chi, in Polynesian – manna in India – prana, the Japanese ki , and the Christians is the Spirit. In the modern world, people call it “energy” or “vitality.”

There are many customs and languages ​​in world culture. I think they came about due to different vibrations. Sometimes it is enough to drive only a few kilometers along the road in order to notice how everything around has changed, the energy of the area has changed, and the dialect of the inhabitants has changed.

We all live in a world of energies, but in ordinary life we ​​hardly feel them. But it must somehow manifest itself at the physical level – after all, we see the light from the sun only when it illuminates something. We don't see electricity, but we use it every day.

Feng Shui practice helps us concentrate energy and use its capabilities to the maximum, all this fills our life with consciousness and strength. The ancient art of balance and harmonization, flows of vital energy can be applied to us in all our actions and areas of life, since our world is a large energy structure.

When a beginner approaches the study of the practice of Feng Shui, the first thing he should understand is that everything in our world is energy. You, your home, and your world are connected by different energy fields. This is one of the reasons why feng shui always works. – when you change the energy of your home, you change yourself and your life. All matter has vibration. Positive vibrations raise our spirits and energize us, while negative ones, on the contrary, are not useful. Your house is part of a single energy field – just like you, by improving the overall energy of the house, apartment, office accordingly – we directly influence our own energy. As a rule, a person who has a field of pure positive energy in his energy field attracts only everything positive, his life is filled only with positive events. And in contrast, a person with poor energy is constantly irritated, he is pursued by frequent nervous breakdowns and bad events.

Why Feng Shui Works

Everything is connected and consists of energy. So, when you change the energy in your home, it directly affects you.

Feng Shui increases positive energy into your home, focuses your intentions, changes subconscious intentions, and creates a clean energy space around you that nourishes your mind, body and spirit.


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