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Activating the Feng Shui Careers sector

Element – Water. Direction – North. Color – black, light blue, blue. Interior shapes: round, semicircular.

career sector activationIn a broad sense, “career” means great success in business and any endeavors, the possibility of new achievements and achievements, as well as the beginning of a completely new business.
Clearing and clearing debris in the northern sector of the house will awaken you to a clear and clear vision of your life path and give a clear idea of ​​the road leading to the peaks of Olympus.
Since a career is always a movement, in this case, to activate this sector, the symbols must be selected appropriate, that is, they must associate movements. All types of water will be appropriate here, as water is associated with money. It is better that there is a noticeable movement in the water: air bubbles, fish or a waterfall, the direction of the flow of which goes inside your home. A good amplification in the northern sector will give the element of Metal, it is better if it is mobile, as an option, it can be wind chimes, bells. The turtle in the northern zone will provide you with heavenly support and personify a symbol of stability and longevity.

Items that are placed in the Feng Shui Career sector

feng shui careerTurtle, as well as any objects that are associated with water, an aquarium or a fountain. Many are helped in the career sector by the placement of metal – for example: wind chimes, Chinese coins, and a bowl of water. In the interaction of the five elements, Metal gives rise to Water, and thus the harmony of the elements occurs. In the Northern sector of the career, it is good to place perpetual motion machines (called mobiles), and any images that associate the path to the intended goal, for example: a company brochure, photographs, etc.). A picture with a picture of a reservoir will also be a good solution for activating this sector, for example, a slowly flowing river that is directed in your direction.




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