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Lights, candles, mirrors, plants or feng shui correction

Feng Shui Correction ToolsHere we will consider the main types of funds that are used in Feng Shui to correct unfavorable zones. These are candles, mirrors, lighting, pendants, crystals, bells, electrical appliances, plants, moving objects, water, sound, etc.

When using them, you should not forget that any planned changes, of course, will have a positive effect on your life, but if everything is fine with you and you have achieved a lot in life, then think about whether it is worth taking decisive action.

Do not overuse decorations, plants, mirrors, because you need to achieve balance, harmony, the best possible arrangement of all objects in your space. When choosing items, you need to take into account the style of your home, and most importantly, your personal tastes, and do not forget about the tastes of the household. You do not need to use Eastern or Chinese symbols if you are not attracted to it or you are indifferent to it. This is one of the important points that must be taken into account when using correction tools.

All the correction tools described below have their own subtleties and features, therefore, having learned them, and understanding the general idea, you can easily use them and apply them in the right circumstances.

Lighting in feng shui

light in feng shuiLight is a powerful stimulator of qi energy both inside and outside the home. Since light has its origin from the element of Fire, it most of all manifests its actions in the southern side of the house or apartment rooms. He also supports the elements of the Earth in the northeast and southwest.
The most efficient light source is natural sunlight. If your house has insufficient lighting, then you need to try to fix it, for example, you can hang light curtains, or install a mirror somewhere to the side of the window.
If, on the contrary, the lighting is too bright, which will mean the predominance of Yang energy, then it is better to hang dark or dense curtains, since bright lighting will not be favorable everywhere. The rest room, or rather the bedroom, should not be brightly lit, such as the room, living room or your work room, in which you do some work or receive guests.

The light in the room can be bright or dim, but the main thing is that it does not irritate your vision.
There is no need to install powerful lamps over your head, especially if you spend a lot of your time there. They will also be inappropriate at the desktop, in the dining room or living room.
With the help of floor lamps, you can make the room brighter and at the same time give the effect of soft and diffused light. It will be good to use switches with adjustable lighting brightness, this is especially suitable in rooms that will be used for different purposes.

Feng Shui candles

Feng shui candlesCandles usually function as a light source only when they are lit, so there is no need to keep candles in the room, just for decoration. Try to light them from time to time, and then living fire will fill this room with auspicious qi energy . Do not forget that all candles are fire hazardous, and you need to use candlesticks, and also do not leave a lit candle unattended.
Candles are considered a very powerful Feng Shui tool, it is recommended to install them in the northeastern sector to enhance the influence of the earth. Lighting a candle in the corner of a room will help dissipate stagnant qi, a trick often used to cleanse a space.
If you light candles in the southern zone, then in this way you can activate the element of fire in this part of the house, which will begin to dominate, which may not always be favorable.

 Mirrors in feng shui

Feng Shui MirrorsMirrors have unique properties of attracting and transmitting qi energy , in Feng Shui practice they are used in different ways.
For example, if, due to the layout, some area of ​​the ba-gua octagon is missing in your room , then using a mirror you can correct this deficiency, or rather create the effect of presence, which in turn will restore the lost balance.
The mirror is also capable of reflecting the harmful effects of sha energy from sharp corners; or direct energy through a blocked or narrow passageway; or visually hide certain places, it can be a toilet, which is located near the front door.
The mirror has the effect of doubling the objects that it reflects, so you need to place something really nice and useful in front of it. For example, using mirrors can double the food on the table (maybe this is why mirrors are very common in restaurants?).

In the bedroom, mirrors should be treated with care, the mirror should not reflect the bed with a sleeping person. For example, if a spouse is reflected in the mirror, then the effect of a “double image” of marriage is created, this is not very favorable from the practice of Feng Shui.

No need to hang mirrors in front of the front door or closet. Since this helps to reflect the qi energy , in connection with which it will not get into your house. In the hallway, try to hang mirrors so that when reflected there is a complete image of the person. Arrange everything around the mirror so that the furniture does not hinder the reflection.
Mirrors should be kept clean. Do not use cracked mirrors, even in the Russian tradition there is such that a broken mirror will bring misfortune and disappointment.

Crystals in Feng Shui

Crystals in feng shuiCrystal – is considered the main symbol of the earth element, and therefore they must be placed where it is required to support the earth element, in the northeast, southwest and central sectors of the house.
Transparent crystals of crystal are often used, but natural “brushes” (aggregates of small) crystals, such as uvarovite (green garnet) or amethyst, will be more effective. Crystals enhance the property of natural light and scatter it more efficiently, while emitting beneficial chi energy.
A crystal hanging near the window will attract more energy and light into the room. This method works very well in dark and dark environments. A faceted crystal in front of the living room window, on fine days, will create a rainbow effect, reflecting and refracting the rays of the sun, the Yang energy at such moments will be in full swing, which will favorably affect your mood and contribute to vigorous activity. This works very well for a nursery as well.
The crystal ball, located in the southwest part of the living room, will help strengthen the relationship. And by placing it in the northeast – it will begin to stimulate the craving for education and knowledge, in the eastern sector – it will contribute to the implementation of career plans.

Pendants, bells and movable objects

Feng Shui metal pendantsChinese pendants, also called shamisens, and pendants with bells create vibrations in the air, which in turn has a cleansing and stimulating effect. They are able to reduce negative energy and also have a calming effect. They are usually hung in places where they will ring periodically, creating a pleasant sound effect.

Metal pendants are best used in areas of influence of water or metal, these are north, west and northwest. Wooden pendants are better suited for the east and southeast sectors, while ceramic pendants are better placed in the southwest and northeast sectors.

To slow down the rapid flow of qi energy , pendants are used, placing them on the route. They are also used where the qi flow changes direction. Which helps smooth out abrupt transitions.

Movable structures, wind or water mills, etc. are used for greater circulation of qi energy , they do not allow it to accumulate or stagnate in the corners of the premises.

The watch is also a movable element, but when using it you need to be guided by personal experience and common sense.
Moving objects should be placed in places where you would like to stimulate qi. For example, a movable element in the northeastern sector of the children's room will stimulate the circulation of qi, which promotes the desire for knowledge and education.

Sounds in Feng Shui

Sounds are able to soothe, or, on the contrary, annoy. All this depends on the nature of the sound, as well as on the mood in the room. Different sounds contribute to the predominance of Yang. For example, music playing in the living room will quickly bring the room to life. Conversely, in a cozy bedroom, loud noises will be detrimental and annoying.

Plants in Feng Shui

Plants in feng shuiPlants are living beings, so they attract a lot of chi energy . And at the same time, they themselves emit qi energy, refreshing the atmosphere and symbolizing life in the home.
Plants need to be looked after, watered on time. Blooming and fragrant plants will help activate certain elements for you.
Plants are good for stimulating qi in the corners of rooms, as well as for revitalizing spaces that are rarely used. They smooth out sharp corners very well, and also reduce the negative effect of “arrows”, especially if the shape of the pots masks the corners of shelves, furniture.
Plants that have sharp leaves contain more yang energy and cause qiaccelerate movement. Plants with round leaf shapes emit more Yin.
Plants reflect the wood element, which is why they are better placed: to support the fire element – in the southern part of the room, and to maintain the earth element – in the center, in the southwest and northeast sectors.
Any room for plants is suitable. It is undesirable to place cacti and all thorny plants close to people, especially not in the southwestern sector of human relationships.

Water in feng shui

The element of water is good to use inside the house and outside, in the form of a fountain, pond, fountain, aquarium. The best location is in the northern, eastern and southeastern sectors.
Water in feng shuiWater in feng shui symbolizes money. A live goldfish aquarium is a special sign of good luck. The number of fish is better if it is odd, and if one of the fish is black, it will absorb any kind of negative energy. To increase your luck in the financial sphere, the aquarium should be located in the southeastern part of the room. The water in the aquarium must be clean and constantly moving. If there is stale water in the aquarium, then this is unlikely to increase the financial component.
You can also stimulate different areas of the home with photographs and paintings of clear water. A good spot to the left of the front door will attract extra luck.

 Electrical appliances in feng shui

Computers, televisions, stereos and other electrical appliances can all be elements of Feng Shui. They can be placed in different places in the house to activate certain types of qi energy . Television, in the eastern sector, will promote a positive mood and an optimistic outlook on life.

Heavy objects in Feng Shui

Heavy and large objects will symbolize reliability, durability and stability. Decorative sculptures and boulders can be placed outside the home to create a calm, serene atmosphere. Large objects should be placed so that they impede or block the free flow of qi.

Symbols in Feng Shui

Feng Shui SymbolsSymbols are used to saturate rooms with additional energy, they work especially well in the living room. To do this, you can choose some suitable symbol. As an example, a rose can be used to create a romantic corner.
Symbols need to choose those that have a special meaning for you. You do not need to use oriental symbols if they do not fit into your interior or do not radiate some kind of feeling.
You need to place symbols in the places of the room or house that you want to activate. A painting with a beautiful landscape in the north of the room will personify a successful career, and a vase of beautiful flowers in the northwest direction will strengthen the marital relationship.

Paintings in feng shui

feng shui paintings in the houseThe paintings in the house are very powerful symbols. When choosing them, it is necessary to be guided by inner feelings and feelings. If the image in the picture is somehow connected with one of the five elements of the elements, then when placing the picture, one should take into account the corresponding sector that corresponds to this element. For example, a good place for a picture of a couple in love is the southwest part of the sector, which has a family relationship. However, the image of a picture, a lonely traveler walking along the road, is unlikely to be appropriate there.

 Color in feng shui

Color has a very strong effect on a person, the color background creates the main atmosphere in the room. When choosing a color, you need to be guided first of all by personal feelings and only secondarily to compare it with the five elements of the elements. But as a rule, when using the first approach, the choice of the desired color is always confirmed by the correspondence of the five elements.

Color in feng shuiAmong other things, it must be remembered that in the West and the East, colors evoke completely different associations. For example, in the East, red shades of color are considered favorable, bring joy, while white, on the contrary, more causes something negative.

Think about how to connect all this, be sure to be guided by internal sensations, if internal sensations contradict some rules of Feng Shui in the house, then most likely Feng Shui there is not compiled correctly and you need to double-check everything. After all, Feng Shui is performed correctly when it is confirmed by inner sensations.


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