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Sectors and zones of the apartment in Feng Shui, we put Bagua or Lo-Shu on the plan.

Feng Shui Bagua Octagon is the main tool for analyzing the assessment of the energy of any space, be it an office, a house, an apartment, or a backyard. This octagon with eight Bagua trigrams isenergy map, divided into 9 sectors, including the center. Each sector describes a specific aspect of a person's life. Below we describe each of them.

Octagon BaguaThe magic square of Lo-Shu , is a square with nine sectors, which, like the Bagua octagon, serves as a tool for analyzing the energy of the premises. According to legend, four thousand years ago from the Lo River, a divine turtle crawled to the shore, with the image of numbers on its shell, the order of the arrangement of these numbers is the basis of all feng shui formulas.Luo Shu Magic Square

Different feng shui schools use either the Lo-Shu magic square or the Bagua octagon, both tools give almost the same result, but there is still a slight difference, but we will not consider it in this article. For beginner feng shui practitioners, I would advise using the Lo-Shu square, as it is easier to overlay it on the apartment plan.

How to use the Lo-Shu square

Lo-Shu square is  one of the main feng shui tools for evaluating the energy of any premises. To use it, you will need a plan of your apartment or office, house, personal plot, etc., after which you will need to determine the orientation of your premises to the cardinal points. To do this, take any tourist compass, stand with your back to the front door of your apartment, and take measurements with the compass, when measuring, you need to take into account the interference from iron structures. Therefore, take a step forward from the door and take a second measurement, and if they coincide, then there is no interference and your measurement is accurate. If the results do not match, try identifying the source of the interference and taking measurements at a distance from it.

After you have taken measurements with a compass and have accurately determined the orientation of your apartment. Draw a Lo-Shu square on the plan of your apartment, aligning it exactly with the cardinal points. Now in front of you is the energy map of your apartment, with the help of this card you can influence different aspects of your life, below we will consider them all in order.

How to properly superimpose the Lo-Shu square on the floor plan

According to the practice of Feng Shui, the correct shape of the house is a square or rectangle, in such rooms the Qi energy is distributed evenly, and it will not be difficult to impose a Lo-Shu square on the plan of the house. To do this, take a plan of a house, an apartment and draw lines along the load-bearing walls of the house, you should get a square or rectangle, depending on the shape of the building. Everything that fell overboard, balconies, ledges, all non-residential premises do not need to be taken into account. Next, evenly distribute this square or rectangle into nine identical sectors, you should get nine identical squares or rectangles. Then mark the cardinal points on the diagram.

bagua square overlay flatbagua square overlay

If your apartment plan is not of the correct shape, that is, it is not a square, a rectangle. For example, your apartment with the letter “G”, then also along the load-bearing walls draw it to a square or rectangle.

superimpose bagua squareAs you can see in the figure, the eastern zone of the apartment is completely absent, this sector belongs to the family, below we will describe them all. According to Feng Shui, the residents of this house have disagreements with their parents, misunderstandings with children and everything with which the family sector is connected. If you have a similar situation and any sector is missing, do not be discouraged, there are feng shui corrective tools that correct such situations and make the energy of your home favorable.

Sectors and zones of the apartment

Knowing the descriptions of all the sectors and zones of the apartment, we can analyze the energy map of our house, and find out which sector should be activated in the first place in order to feel more successful, happier, richer, etc. You will find out in which zone it is best to place the feng shui bedroom.square bagua feng shui

1. Career, life path – NORTH

Main element: Water.

Feeding element: Metal.

Sector activation colors: White, blue, light blue, black.

The Career sector refers to how you make a living, it indicates your path in life and your goals for which you strive. The idea is that if you are really on the right track, then at work you feel very good, you are enthusiastic, and you enjoy your job. If this is not the case, then you should pay attention to this sector in your home.

2. Relationships and love – SOUTH-WEST

Main element: Earth.

Feeding element: Fire.

Sector activation colors: red, pink, all shades of brown.

The sector of love and relationships, is responsible for your relationship with a loved one, as well as for relationships with friends, family. If you are single or have problems in your marriage, then it is worth focusing on this sector and bringing it in order. To activate the sector, you can use paired things, for example, two vases, red candles, etc.

3. Family – EAST

Main element: Wood.

Feeding element: Water.

The colors for activating the sector: brown, green, blue, black, a little red.

The Family sector is responsible for your relationships with children, parents, as well as your relatives. If you have disagreements with parents or children, then it is worth paying attention to this sector and bringing it in order. You can use fresh flowers to activate the sector.

4. Wealth – SOUTH-EAST

Main element: Wood.

Feeding element: Water.

The colors for activating the sector: purple, green, purple, a little red.

The Wealth sector is responsible for material wealth, wealth and prosperity. It also applies to your inner perception of the world, whether you feel happy, satisfied with life. To activate the sector, you can use an aquarium with fish, a fountain, fresh flowers with round leaves are also suitable. If you are haunted by financial failures in life, then you should first of all pay attention to this sector, bring it in order, remove blockages, if any.

5. Health – Center

Main element: Earth.

Feeding element: Fire.

Sector activation colors: beige, yellow, terracotta, orange.

This central sector is responsible for your overall health, for your well-being, for how quickly you recuperate. This sector has a special location, being in the center, it brings other sectors together, so it has an impact on all sectors in your home. The word health conveys the direct meaning of this sector, the health of other adjacent sectors depends on its health, that is, if this sector is not in order, there are blockages, then this will negatively affect all other sectors and have a bad effect on all aspects of life. Or, on the contrary, if you activate this sector, then the positive energy of Chi will have a positive effect on all other sectors in your home.

6. Assistants and Travel – NORTH-WEST

Main element: Metal.

Nourishing element: Earth.

Sector activation colors: gray, white, gold, silver, yellow.

This sector is responsible for travel, patrons, support of friends in difficult moments of life, as well as for spiritual guides and intuition. Do you have someone to turn to in difficult moments of life? Do you have reputable acquaintances who can help you in difficult situations? If you are having problems with all this, then you should pay attention to this sector and bring it in order.

7. Creativity and children – WEST

Main element: Metal.

Nourishing element: Earth.

Sector activation colors: gray, white, gold, silver, yellow.

This sector is responsible for how you spend your free time, outdoor activities, or how you express yourself through art, sports. And also your relationship with children and their upbringing. If you have problems conceiving, you should also pay attention to this sector. This area also applies to your formulation of life plans and their implementation, the materialization of your desires.

8. Knowledge and wisdom – NORTH-EAST

Main element: Earth.

Feeding element: Fire.

Sector activation colors: orange, yellow, terracotta, beige.

This area is responsible for how you learn, get to know the world, gain experience. If you are experiencing a learning problem, you should first look for reasons in this sector of your home. This sector is also an ideal place for home meditation and yoga classes.

9. Glory and Aspiration – SOUTH

Main element: Fire.

Nourishing element: Wood.

Sector activation colors: green, red.

The sector of fame and aspiration is responsible for your social position in society, for how you achieve success, what you strive for, what you want to achieve in life. Activating this zone will bring you inspiration, clarity of vision, and spiritual awareness, as well as recognition of your work in society as meaningful and necessary. You can use your awards and diplomas to activate this zone.


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