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30 lunar day for a vegetable garden, a garden and plants

This day does not come in every cycle of the moon, and it is filled with joy, unlike its predecessor. On the 30th lunar day, any fuss will be completely unnecessary, and it is also necessary to avoid any active actions, so you can simply rejoice at the results of labor that have been achieved thanks to your efforts. On this day, you can thank nature for everything that it gives.
30 lunar day for a vegetable garden, a garden and plantsDuring this period, work can be carried out on the ground, and since a change in rhythms occurs on the New Moon , it stops working and seems to stop, and along with it there is a decline and stop of the activity of plants, and all vital forces pass to the root.

On the 30th day of the Moon, the roots can also be severely damaged, which at this time are really vulnerable, so at such a time it is not recommended to carry out numerous works on digging, loosening and other work. On this day, when working with tools, be careful.


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