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Aspects of Saturn and Neptune

Saturn conjunct Neptune

You are prone to feelings of depression, insecurity and self-doubt. Whether you like it or not, there is some need to trust people, despite bad past experiences where you yourself have behaved unworthily towards others. Now you have the opportunity to find out if you can turn the other cheek to your offenders and figure out how to forgive them. Evil cannot correct evil, and part of your mission is to rise above all the bad things this world has brought you. Detachment from society will not help you cope with your task. You have to come and fight. This is the only way to overcome any unpleasant side of your character. Feel free to face your problems and those who make your life difficult. Believe me, this is the only way salvation will come. Remember, Achilles was wounded when he turned away from his opponent. Only in this way could an arrow hit his heel. Therefore, face problems and do not ignore them in the hope that they themselves will pass. Over time, you will realize that suffering brings humility, and that it brings comfort and salvation.

Harmonious aspects of Saturn with Neptune

You are able to achieve the highest spiritual goal in this life by serving others through hard work and self-sacrifice. You can give up your own needs for the needs of people you trust, and you happily work to do so. You perfectly combine practicality with idealism. You can emotionally detach yourself from situations, which allows you to see the true nature of things. Regardless of your hopes and dreams, you will work hard to fulfill them. You are content with the least if you believe that it is necessary to achieve the goal. Practical creativity is your talent. You have earned spiritual protection in a previous life through your desire to help and serve others.

Tense aspects of Saturn with  Neptune

You are running from your fears and responsibilities. This tendency can lead you to use drugs or other ways to escape reality. You may be afraid of the inevitable, death, or God. You must understand that the only way to overcome fear is to face it.

You are too serious about hoarding money, power, or wealth. It can take your eyes off the really important things. Remember the story of a man who conquered the whole world, while losing his soul. Check your priorities and rearrange them if necessary. Material wealth does not bring happiness, and you run the risk of knowing this truth, following a difficult path.

You find it difficult to trust people. Perhaps in a past life you were forced to lose all wealth and social position because of trust or love for someone. Such events happen to teach you to value large sums of money less and to concentrate on spiritual riches, doing good deeds for free. Nobody and nothing will take this treasure from you. Learn to enjoy and appreciate your material possessions and your social achievements, but be ready to let go of them tomorrow. Break this connection!

It can also create confusion, illusion, pride in your mind, and falsehood. You can lose ambition for unknown reasons. Your desire to step out of responsibility may also reflect on you. In a past life, you may have misused your leadership power by showing too little empathy, solidarity, and understanding. “Seek first of all the Kingdom of God, and the rest will come.”

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