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Aspects of Saturn and Pluto

Saturn conjunct Pluto

You are capable of self-discipline and self-sacrifice. Life is serious for you, at times so much that you suffer from depression. Incredible endurance allows you to work hard enough to achieve whatever you want. But make sure you don't use bad methods to achieve your goals. People won't just stand aside for you to work your way up. The more people you use, the more likely you are to get out of position soon. That is, do not get your hands dirty and do everything openly and according to all the rules. There are no shortcuts to success, and if you think otherwise, then life will clearly demonstrate that you are mistaken. Don't get in the habit of being afraid of change. Accept them because it will give you a chance for growth, self-improvement and spiritual rebirth. If you do not voluntarily try to change, then life will confront you with people, who will force you to do it on their own terms. Change is your teacher, so don't fight it, even if it's hard. Whatever failure happens in your life, do not give in to bitter feelings. Defeats are spiritual help that allows you to evolve. The only real failure in life is giving up.

Harmonious aspects of Saturn with Pluto

Personal growth, development and spiritual revival can be achieved if you put your will into business. Many changes can happen in your life. They are all designed to teach you the lessons you need and help you evolve and grow. You have self-discipline and the ability to withstand tough times in life. You instinctively know that they will pass, and things will get better if you give time to perform your miracle. Your ambitions somehow involve the people and the masses. Their destinies and yours are interconnected. You have the ability to control your thoughts and feelings and rarely experience emotional outbursts. People see you as leadership qualities because of self-discipline, honesty, prudence, prudence, and reliability. You feel that everything you receive should work, and so it's okay for you to slowly climb up the path to success through hard work and patience. You enjoy being alone, as interacting with other people is sometimes intimidating or confusing. You are hard to teach because you prefer to comprehend everything through your own experience, rather than someone else's.

Tense aspects of Saturn with Pluto

You face obstacles in realizing your ambitions. People or events seem to constantly get in your way. Then you have to check why you are doing all this. Will your achievements only help you or will they benefit the people? Competition teaches you how to best collaborate with people. This brings personal and spiritual growth, but you have to put others first, not yourself.

In a previous life, you were too oppressive and now you must learn to listen to the opinions and views of other people without prejudice. If you don't, then life will get worse. Power must be used wisely, for the good of others, not just for yourself. Therefore, people are in positions of influence to learn these lessons. Development and spiritual rebirth is possible, but your selfish nature must be plagued. Practice patience, humility, and work hard.

Your revolutionary spirit needs flexibility. You don't like change and want to dominate others. This is likely, coupled with emotional turmoil in the soul, to develop a thirst for answers to questions about life, which will push you to search for Truth.

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