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Aspects of Saturn and the Ascendant

Saturn conjunct the Ascendant

You are a serious and responsible person who considers work and responsibilities above fun and entertainment. You find it difficult to relax because there is always something to do. Sometimes you have bouts of depression, anxiety, fear, or self-doubt. You respond to these feelings with longer and harder work. Try to take a break and have some fun. It is not entertainment that makes our life “bitter.”

Harmonious aspects of Saturn with the Ascendant

You are a loyal, responsive and serious person. You have no problem accepting responsibility and commitment. You will have a chance to use your practical and organizational skills to help yourself and others. Large groups of people make you uncomfortable and prevent you from relaxing. You enjoy your work, and this is how you try to rest.

Tense aspects of Saturn with Ascendant

You are a serious and withdrawn person, probably due to a lack of self-confidence, feelings of worthlessness, or self-doubt. You prefer to interact with older and more mature people. You are competent enough, but too critical of yourself and your own activities.

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