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Lilith (Black Moon) in Gemini – the transformation of omniscience

There is not a single card without the Black Moon , because it shows a person’s weak point, where the zone of awareness of correct behavior has not yet happened. It is in this area that every 9 years there are checks for compliance with the higher energies of the sign, and also irresistible temptations arise, which only a strong spirit can resist. Lilith is a demon that stirs the imagination and distorts the perception of the world to the point of obsession.

Her position in Gemini is perhaps the most neutral of all, because any distortions of consciousness can be corrected by a reasonable analysis of the situation, however, it is so difficult for the native to resist gossip, hanging out in social networks, discussing the unfair behavior of superiors and envious colleagues, that he sometimes digs a hole for himself with his tongue . His words are like splinters, they hurt a lot and they are remembered for a long time.

Lilith in Gemini and past life

The Black Moon is called the counter of karma, because it shows what sins dominated in the past incarnation of a person and what needs to be changed right now in relation to the topics of the house and the sign. The problem with the owner of Lilith in Gemini was the misuse of information. Such a person could:

  • create a false doctrine or sect and lead people away from the truth through perverted sermons;
  • find out important information that could save someone’s life and keep silent about it out of fear;
  • weave intrigues, compose gossip, denigrate rivals or acquaintances out of envy or simply out of boredom;
  • write anonymous letters, complaints, denunciations in order to harm someone or through this to promote oneself in a position, to receive someone’s property.

On a global level, a destructive teaching went through a person, a distortion of the ideas of power and a mental denigration of entire nations, as was the case with Hitler. At a low level, a person was a crook, a pickpocket, a kleptomaniac, or cheated on customers.

Manifestations of Lilith in Gemini in life

The Black Moon is still a certain resource and talent. It depends only on the person for what purpose he will use it. The native literally fascinates and hypnotizes with words. He can entangle any audience with his theories and philosophy, immediately attracts attention, and even if he frankly lies, they believe him and go in the right direction. That is why there is a strong temptation to lie and get what you want easily. He is lucky in petty theft, which most often happens in childhood and at school age. Growing up, he either comes to faith and the principles of spirituality, or chooses the path of fraud and theft.

The owners of Lilith in Gemini are always ready to chat and can hang on the phone for hours, ignoring more important things. They cannot avoid any dispute, especially if someone passionately proves a theory that is completely contrary to their beliefs. The fact is that the Black Moon makes a person show the qualities of the sign to the maximum. It becomes painfully important and necessary, at the same time there is no experience and understanding of exactly how to act, therefore there are 3 levels of influence of Lilith in Gemini:

1. Inferior: the native continues to steal, deceive, mislead, write libels, do nasty things on the sly, pretending to be an angel in the flesh.

2. Medium: the native understands that he needs to live according to his conscience, but now he is being deceived, he becomes a victim of intrigues, denunciations, slanders, and any condemnation and discussion of other people returns to him like a boomerang in the form of quarrels and financial losses.

3. Higher: the native has worked through karma, refusing the temptation to lie and appropriate someone else’s, and now he immediately recognizes liars, swindlers and thieves. He cannot be deceived, he can smell falsehood of any level from a mile away.

The Gemini Demon provokes a false understanding of injustice, when good things belong, according to the native, to unworthy people. That’s when there is a desire to appropriate them or beat off the husband from his wife, who allegedly does not appreciate him. They also cannot be forbidden to express themselves and communicate.

Lilith in Gemini and personal life

Women and men with such a Black Moon are very categorical and adamant in their views on personal relationships. Everything should be as they see it in their dreams and scenarios invented in their heads. They very often attribute to themselves talents and virtues that are very arbitrary or come up with a legend of the past to impress, for example, dating or working with celebrities.

If the chosen one somehow offends or hurts them, then they will inflate a Hollywood blockbuster from the episode and notify all their friends about the terrible scandal in the family so that everyone will feel sorry for them.

It is better not to quarrel with the owners of Lilith in Gemini, because they will turn any situation around so that even an innocent person will believe that he acted disgustingly. They are very annoyed by the slowness and slow thinking of their partner, so happiness in marriage is possible with the owners of a strong Mercury.

How to Defeat the Demon Lilith in Gemini

A powerful intellect and a thirst for communication must be directed to the professional activities of a journalist, TV presenter, salesman, consultant in any field, teacher, translator, poet or writer. It will be great to work in the field of cinema and theater, write scripts for performances and videos. Here, the talent of writing and wild imagination will come in handy. Also, working with databases and as a programmer will soften the impact of Lilith in Gemini.

A native should not feel guilty if he is unable to communicate or keep up a conversation with a person who is not interesting to him. You need to allow yourself to be silent and restore energy, not to scatter on empty communication, and especially to track energy vampires that turn on Lilith’s energy funnel and make him continue arguing in his head again and again, which exhausts the nervous system.

Celebrities with Lilith in Gemini: A. Hitler, A. Akhmatova, M. Schumacher.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the Lilith in Gemini:


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