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Lilith (Black Moon) in Cancer – transformation of the family

No matter how they call the Black Moon: an energy funnel, a blind spot in the natal chart, a demon-tempter, and some astrologers do not take this fictitious point into account at all, but if you look at the events that take place in a person’s life every 9 years, its influence becomes obvious. In the sign and house position of Lilith, a person is especially sensitive to the energies of their lower floor and feels an urgent need to act according to these features. Sometimes the Black Moon influences the native so much that even the appearance is adjusted to it, and not to the Ascendant.

Lilith in Cancer is the basement of the subconscious plus the water element. She endows the owner of the horoscope with extraordinary intuition, but he cannot always distinguish between anxieties and fears from real predictions. Ancestral secrets and crimes, painful attachment to mother and home, or vice versa, a sharp rejection of these topics and an escape from addictions, do not allow to live in peace. It is very difficult to work out Lilith in Cancer, because until the end of days a baby lives in the soul of the native, who is afraid of monsters under the bed.

Lilith in Cancer and past lives

The symbolism of the sign always points to the line of the mother’s family. It is there that you need to look for answers to the question of where fears, complexes, negative recurring events arose. Most likely, there was some kind of crime against the clan, both on the part of the native and in relation to him. In real life, you need to look at what kind of relationship with your mother. Warm and trusting means that there is a chance to live this topic from scratch and it is only important not to spoil it with selfishness, nit-picking and mutual claims.

It is much more difficult if the mother does not accept the native, limits his self-expression, controls and intimidates. He has a lot of work to do to separate from the parental home and find himself real. The desire to leave their country and seek happiness in a foreign land is explained by the fact that in the past the native betrayed his homeland or another person out of cowardice (for example, he betrayed a partisan to the Nazis), his family or was cursed by a relative. He could be in slavery, serfdom, completely dependent on the mercy of the master.

At the beginning of life, cowardice and fear manifest themselves in one way or another in certain stressful emotional situations. Meanness and the desire to please those in power, the betrayal of friends is an additional sign of negative tribal karma.

Manifestations of Lilith in Cancer in real life

Rarely does without problems with the mother. She may have a pronounced dislike for the child, and he has a fear of her and the inability to free himself from annoying guardianship. A person feels in front of his mother like a rabbit in front of a boa constrictor, especially if the Black Moon falls into the 4th or 10th sector of the horoscope.

Home is associated with a prison or a place of sadness where emotions are devalued and not accepted. The owners of Lilith in Cancer always try to prove that they are good boys and girls, they do not know how to refuse either parents or other adults in childhood, which often makes them victims of violence, or high-ranking colleagues and superiors.

They often have an obsessive idea that it is worth leaving for another country, how life will turn into a fairy tale, however, for this there must be strong indicators and harmonious aspects of the 9th house, otherwise there will be an escape into the world of illusions.

Lilith in Cancer manifests in life on 3 different levels:

1. Inferior: heavy feelings because of the mother, her coldness, or even staying in the orphanage, the repetition of negative scenarios on the maternal side, shyness, servility, sycophancy and denunciations.

2. Medium: a person does good, helps, takes care of, and he is paid with black ingratitude, difficult relationships with parents and children, adultery. Wandering in other countries in search of happiness.

3. Higher: forgiveness of tribal crimes, atonement for the sins of ancestors and the beginning of a new happy family line among descendants. A person finds his calling and family happiness in his homeland, makes a valuable contribution to the social and economic life of his country.

The provocateur of the demon Lilith in Cancer is the mother or grandmother of the native, and in the case of a man, also the spouse. There may also be aversion to relatives on the mother’s side.

Lilith in Cancer and personal life

If the native has a difficult childhood, he idealizes the concept of family. It seems to him that as soon as he meets a loved one and creates his own nest, problems will disappear. These people are always waiting for saviors who will come and warm with unearthly love. Men with Lilith in Cancer remain small children in their hearts until old age. They are accustomed to overprotection and often unconsciously do not want their own child, perceiving him as a rival. A spouse is chosen who looks like a mother, so the children symbolically take away her love and attention, which causes wild irritation.

If maternal warmth was not enough, women with Lilith in Cancer fall in love with anyone who praises them. They try to be good wives, but they don’t understand well how to be a mother to their children, which is why they can also refuse to have a baby, becoming, for example, a nanny in an orphanage, a teacher, a psychologist for difficult teenagers, replacing motherhood with the idea of broad service.

How to defeat the demon Lilith in Cancer

It is very difficult to work out this position. It will take Hellinger constellations, the search for and awareness of generic problems through the real facts of history and meditation on the healing of the family. If you wish, you can take a child from an orphanage and give him a loving family. Difficulties in the relationship with the mother will have to be worked out with a psychologist, since this is a very difficult topic for self-separation. It is important to do charity work for the good of your native country.

Celebrities with Lilith in Cancer: A. Banderas, F. Chopin.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the Lilith in Cancer:


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