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Lilith (Black Moon) in Sagittarius – the transformation of fanaticism

The Black Moon is feared and blamed for many personal troubles. Not everyone knows that it has 3 levels of manifestation, depending on the spirituality of a person, and during life, if desired, you can go from the lowest to the highest, atoning for the sins of the past. The reward will be talent on the theme of the house and the sign of Lilith in the horoscope. It is these areas that cause obsessive desires and temptations in a person, which are very difficult to resist. Demand goes every 9 years. Based on the events of these periods, you can determine what needs to be worked hard.

Lilith in Sagittarius distorts a person’s idea of faith and endows with megalomania. It is difficult for a native to accept someone else’s worldview. He shapes his own and enforces it with fire and sword, breaking ties with all who think otherwise. This applies to both religion and outlook on life. The native dreams of glory and honors. This is an egoist and an impostor in an active position and a puppet in the hands of dishonest people in a passive version.

Lilith in Sagittarius and past lives

In previous incarnations, the native was a leader who led crowds of people behind him in a passionate desire to conquer the world, expand knowledge about the Universe and thereby turn the worldview of man. Despite seemingly noble impulses, there were many innocent victims in these crusades for the faith.

An example of this is Napoleon Bonaparte, who went ahead to his goal of ruling and changing the borders of the empire. The difference from Hitler with Lilith in Gemini is that Sagittarians are rough practices. They do not have a long-term super-idea, they want to take a fulcrum right now and turn the earth over. Sometimes they themselves perish in the fire of their new beliefs, as happened with Giordano Bruno, who claimed that the world is full of inhabited Universes. This made him a competitor of the church and led to his death. Lilith in Sagittarius has always suffered for her views, committed crimes on ideological grounds or killed people inspired by a false idea. Now one must be careful about one’s beliefs and check first in theory whether their practical implementation will harm anyone.

Manifestations of Lilith in Sagittarius in real life

The native continues to sin with omniscience. Having received superficial knowledge, he immediately goes into the position of a teacher and begins to form his own ideology. However, with a passive life position, if the Sun is in the 6th house or in the signs of Pisces, Cancer, Virgo, a person becomes a puppet in the hands of sectarians. He deifies spiritual gurus, is ready to do anything to follow the new faith, and in fact can be a blind tool in the hands of aggressive leaders.

The owners of Lilith in Sagittarius in general are almost always in opposition to any major currents and values of society. This is especially true of their political views. Their element is revolution, barricades, verbal battles and fights. However, the Black Moon will manifest itself depending on the level of spirituality and morality of the native at different levels:

Inferior: the pursuit of fame, glamor, the desire to be an unquestioned authority and arguments to fights and scandals in defense of one’s ego and beliefs. The native is a snob, he ridicules and publicly humiliates his opponents, not shunning even the dirtiest gossip in order to discredit them.

Medium: a person wanders in search of his place in life and the idea for which life is worth living. His philosophy and dreams are ridiculed, his ideals are debunked, no matter what he claims, there will always be opponents who prove that this is absurd. Disillusionment with the system, be it church or state. The native easily quits the institute and begins to practice his ideas in real life in order to prove his case by experience.

Higher: the native sees clearly how to improve the world. He carries the ideas of light and progress in his work, and they unite humanity. For example, Bill Gates contributed to the worldwide computerization.

The Sagittarius demon is provoked by opponents and debaters, as well as the lack of interesting ideas and organizations where he could prove himself.

Lilith in Sagittarius and personal life

The native is a rather scandalous person. He needs to be an unquestioned authority in his family. He can come up with strange rituals and a system of relationships at home, follow some of his own logic, and households, in his opinion, must follow these rules, otherwise he will consider them enemies.

At the same time, he himself is indifferent to everyday life and duties, hovers in the clouds, considering plans to conquer the world, and pays attention only to the partner who shares his ideological views.

The Black Moon in Sagittarius gives attraction to foreigners. Women are more likely to marry abroad and adopt the religion and beliefs of their husband, while men, on the contrary, take their wife home, with the exception of marriage with a popular person, then it is easier for them to bask in the rays of her glory in another country.

How to defeat the demon Lilith in Sagittarius

The native should overcome his aversion to the traditional education and religion of his country. It is they who will become his foundation during the transition to the highest level of the Black Moon, when he clearly forms his idea, designed to change the world. Lilith’s position in Sagittarius often distorts a person’s attitude to his knowledge. He is sure that he has already learned everything, but in fact there is still much to be learned.

It is advisable to be careful in dealing with foreigners abroad, to learn their traditions, not to provoke with disrespect for local rules, especially if Lilith has tense aspects with the 9th house. Leadership positions can only be held if one adheres to the principles of justice and equality, otherwise any snobbery and humiliation of subordinates will lead to aggravation of karma.

Celebrities with Lilith in Sagittarius: Napoleon, Bill Gates, S. Stallone, V. Vysotsky, A. Konchalovsky, M. Vladi.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the Lilith in Sagittarius:


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