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11th House of the horoscope “Point of sociality”

The eleventh house of the horoscope is responsible for friends and like-minded people. His analysis will tell you whether the collective is important for a person and how actively the native participates in his life.

The eleventh house is sometimes called the home of the guardian angel, who comes to the rescue in difficult times. If this field of the horoscope is well expressed and there are strong and kind planets in it, then the owner of the horoscope in difficult times can count on the disinterested support of others.

11th house and its characteristics

The 11th house denotes the ability to be among friends and combine your interests with theirs. If the 5th field symbolizes the ability to express yourself and show your bright individuality, then the opposite 11th house says that you need to pay attention not only to your personality, but also to those around you.

The 11th house in its meaning has a close connection with Aquarius and Uranus, therefore the role of this field of the horoscope is expressed in interaction with groups of people and with the collective. Only by associating ourselves with a certain community, we better and more fully understand ourselves and our goals. In the end, you can achieve much more in life if you are supported by like-minded people and friendly people.

The more signs and planets the field under consideration includes, the more friends the native has. The characteristics of the 11th house will describe the people with whom the owner of the horoscope most easily develops friendships. For example, if the top of the house falls in the sign of Scorpio, then the native will be interested in communicating with people born under the sign of Scorpio, who have many planets in this sign, or who are ascending Scorpions.

Some astrologers associate the 11th field with our hopes, spiritual interests, desires and aspirations. Indeed, friendship develops a person spiritually. Communicating with friendly-minded people, we think more effectively and actively generate new ideas. Often being in a team, a person becomes more open and less selfish. Social active people develop such qualities as humanity, tolerance, loyalty to others, and altruism.

A strong 11th house can have people whose activities have a pronounced social and humanistic orientation. The 11th field is also of great importance for politicians for whom the support of voters is important.

It should also be noted that the 11th field, as well as the principles of Aquarius and Uranus, do not always have only a positive meaning. When these principles are defeated, instability, changeability, the desire to destroy, but not create, are manifested in the character of the personality.

If the elements of the 11th field form tense connections with the planets in other houses of the horoscope, then this may indicate destructive influences on the corresponding spheres of life (home, family, health, work, etc.), as well as adverse life changes.


Home value in compatibility analysis

When analyzing relationships (friendship, marriage, business, family), it is important to analyze the 11th field of the birth chart and the presence of the partner’s planets in it.

It is good if there are good planets in this house (for example, the Sun or Jupiter). Such partners will be happy to communicate, share progressive ideas, inspire and inspire each other. The owner of a good planet will willingly come to the rescue of his friend in trouble.

If the partner’s Moon falls in the 11th field, then friendly relations become very warm, kind and emotionally comfortable. Caring, mutual assistance, willingness to tune in to the wave of another, the ability to listen and sympathize – these are the positive aspects of such a partnership.

Lilia Garipova


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