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Planets in the fourth house


Jupiter in the fourth house

You are generous, confident, hospitable, and patriotic. Wealth and prosperity usually come to you in adulthood. Dreams of a spacious and comfortable home may be manifested in you under the influence of parental influence, which greatly influenced your character. It is likely that your parents gave you a strong belief in yourself. As a rule, they provide you with considerable help and support, and there is also a possibility of inheritance from them. With Jupiter in this position, it is better to stay where you were born, rather than move away from your place of birth. Beware of being ostentatious in your behavior and control your weaknesses.


Uranus in the fourth house

You may face unresolved issues in the home or family setting. These events can occur quite suddenly like a bolt from the blue. Your family legacy can be eccentric and out-of-the-box, bringing closely-hidden family secrets to the surface. This position of the planet gives restlessness, with a constant desire for movement. Relationships with your parents can be unusual and unconventional, which will affect you emotionally – positively or negatively. A large number of changes in your life will also be associated with numerous moves. You want to remain free of obligations both at home and in the community. You can be extraordinary and disregard how others perceive you. Later in life, you may develop an interest in astrology or metaphysics.
Planets in the fourth house


Saturn in the fourth house

You are most likely conservative and perhaps find safety in working with land, real estate, or old, traditional methods, beliefs, things, and antiques. You don't like change or any change because of an unconscious fear of the unknown. The desire to accumulate property can arise from security reasons. A large number of responsibilities and problems in your home and family life arise from the fact that you can display the qualities of a dictator or because of the strict discipline adopted in your family. Internal anxiety can cause ulcers. You care about your parents, most likely because of a karmic debt to them. Later years in life can become more favorable and successful, but only if you learn the life lessons that life taught you in earlier years.


Mercury in the fourth house

You tend to be diligent with an interest in literature and enjoy homeschooling. Constant study gives you a sense of inner security. You can be easily agitated, so you need to learn how to relax and unwind from all this book activity. There can be many moves and relocations during your life due to your anxiety and desire to find your place. Wherever you end up, your home will no doubt contain an office or room where you can meet and just talk to friends and acquaintances.


Mars in the fourth house

You have an initial desire for both your own independence and security and your own home. In a family environment, it is likely that tension or open hostility is manifested due to your excessive demands on loved ones. Overcoming your hidden confrontation and quarrelsomeness is your first priority. Your strong emotions need to be muted and controlled, so working in your summer cottage or garden can help to release excess energy.


Venus in the fourth house

You want beautiful things and a pretty good, or rather, a luxurious home. Natural talent for artistry and a talent for a hospitable host, allows the invited people to feel great when visiting you. Entertainment organized at home gives you real pleasure. There is also love for family and children. Later years of life can be pleasant and comfortable, although there is a possibility of being overweight over the years.


Pluto in the fourth house

You have a well-developed imagination and intuition. You constantly strive to achieve an atmosphere of harmony and love at home, but the struggle for power and the status of the head of the family can cause problems. For better or worse, the influence of one or both parents is quite strong. They may love to manipulate and control, creating a tense atmosphere at home, which makes you tend to have an explosive temperament. And while you feel restless in the home you were born in, it can be a place of rest and recovery for you.
Planets in the fourth house


Sun in the fourth house

You are strong in your desire and desire to build strong inner and outer foundations, but sometimes, you want to move away from society when difficulties arise in your life. The influence of one or both parents on you is pronounced – whether it is positive or not. Being at home creates a sense of pride in you, so you express yourself and demonstrate your full creative potential. It is at home that you can really be yourself, wanting to be the king of your castle, but do not be too demanding, because no one likes dictators.
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Neptune in the fourth house

You may experience feelings of inner insecurity, insecurity, and confusion. Unexplained fears and anxieties can cause you to give up life. You idealize your home environment more in your imagination than in reality, and there is a very strong spiritual connection with one or both parents. The desire to live by the sea is not uncommon in this position of the planet. You may have vague memories of your true roots, and this ambiguity can be difficult for you. Remember, with Neptune in this position, things are not really what you imagine them to be, and you must face reality in relation to your home environment and respect for your parents, and not be in the fantasies of your subconscious.


Moon in the fourth house

This position of the moon gives you a sense of family and home. Love for antiques is inherited from your ancestors. Security is very important to you, and you probably get it through your community, home and family, and your parents. The things you collect serve as a reminder of the past that you are trying so hard to hold on to. Changing your place of residence before you find where you can fundamentally settle is peculiar to you. The influence of your parents on your life is strong enough. When it comes to your calling, the focus is on home and family. Work done at home, or creating a home environment in the workplace, by adding photos, souvenirs, some furniture and other small details to create a cozy atmosphere, will bring you the most satisfaction.
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