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Black Moon (Lilith) – transformation of the soul

LilithLilith or Black Moon is an astrological term that means an imaginary planet. This planet characterizes all those unseemly, non-ethical and immoral actions that were committed by us in previous life incarnations. The totality of these actions is reflected in the depths of our subconscious. 

So, Black Moon. Lilith is a point of energy failure in a horoscope . It is a black hole, a suction vortex, voraciously absorbing energy. Like a powerful vacuum cleaner, it sucks out all the juices from the planets that are in conjunction or harmonious aspect with it, forcing the poor planets to be involved in work as much as possible, exploiting them like slaves on the plantation.

As a result, the manifestation of the planet reaches a monstrous extreme. The planet becomes like a driven horse, and everyone makes it plow. This also applies to the planets of the person himself, and the planets of the partner, who fell into a harmonious aspect with his Lilith. Lilith eats the energy of the planets, and still does not gorge itself. Further, the insatiable Lilith does the same with the House of the person's horoscope where she is. She makes a person, forgetting about everything in the world, throw all their attention on this House, think only about this area, only there to invest the energy that the Black Moon safely eats. The energy does not reach its destination, in the sphere of the Home, the person's problems are not solved, the person is nervous, afraid, persists even more, investing energy, and Lilith is just that. And yet she remains hungry.

Depending on the location of the Black Moon in our horoscope, we can determine where our fears and complexes are located, where we need to look for our illusions and delusions, in which we may be wrong. The Black Moon is our weak link, through which we are tested for strength and purity of thoughts throughout our lives, and this is the place where we need to gain the necessary experience.

The exact cycle of Lilith is 3232 days, approximately 8 years 10 months and several days. The rhythm of connections and oppositions of Lilith is approximately 4.5 years old, and her position is repeated approximately every 9 years. There is an exact connection between Lilith and the nodal axis and the 18.5-year cycle of the latter.

Every 9 years a person is tested by the Black Moon Lilith

This happens when the planets in their motion pass along its degree. The transit Black Moon, in turn, passes through all the signs and planets of a person's horoscope every 9 years. As a rule, at this time we are tempted and provoked to a negative manifestation. This period – like a litmus test, helps us determine how pure our soul is. Do not miss this unique period for yourself. The fact is that the key word that defines the activities of the Black Moon is suffering, small or large, to each his own. But in this suffering lies a great power that transforms the spirit of a person and helps him to purify his Soul.

During these periods, you need to track your fears and blocks and look at them from a positive side – try to understand their lessons in our life, then we can limit their manifestation and transform them into a positive image by realizing our mistakes and karmic tasks.

During inspections and tests, a person needs to survive with honor difficult situations, which can be especially harsh. If the “subject” fails, then his karma will be worsened. The destructive influence of the Moon Lilith can be reduced if a person has a highly developed level of morality and spirituality. In the event that the subject begins to harbor anger and resentment for life, then difficult situations will be repeated in the future, not leaving him alone.

The Black Moon is the point of NO experience. A person has not gained in past lives a positive experience in that House and a sign where Lilith is, therefore, in this life, he needs to gain this experience, correct past karmic mistakes in this area.

Black Moon (Lilith)

The manifestations of the Black Moon (Lilith) include the following situations:

1. A person continues to deviate from the necessary experience, and the main corrector – Lilith returns, she does not bring immediate punishment on him. Then, as negative karma accumulates and concentrates, he experiences a kind of explosion, the release of accumulated energy – an unexpected accident, disability, loss of money and other material values, being tied to a hospital bed, imprisonment, etc.

2. When the Moon Lilith returns, a person experiences an attack of impure forces, the purpose of which is to lead him astray. For example, insult, deception, betrayal. A person needs to endure evil, come to terms with it. If he begins to respond in the same spirit, then his karma will worsen. To make it easier to take the manifestations of evil for granted, you need to understand that a person “pays” for his past sins. This is a very difficult path, but after passing through it, the human soul is transformed and acquires the qualities it needs.

3. When a person's soul sounds at a high octave and does not need the experience of Lilith, then evil cannot stick to him, even if it is very close. A person in this state is immune from dark forces.

To calculate the Black Moon lilith online, follow this link.


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