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Elaboration of Moon in the natal chart

Moon is responsible for mental and physical health, peace of mind,  and also affects the understanding of the role of wife and mother in women, relationships with family, mother in men. Being in second place in terms of the importance of influencing the person after the Sun, it opens the door to the inner world and the human soul. Knowing in which house and sign Moon is located, there is an understanding of the behavior and motivation of the owner of the horoscope.

With an inharmonious and weak Moon, a distortion of the worldview occurs, when it throws from emotional ups and downs into depression, it seems that there are enemies all around, any little thing is a reason for a scandal. Uncertainty, vulnerability, health problems can be worked out by astrological methods, strengthening Moon.

The meaning of Moon in human life

The second most important planet controls the ebb and flow of water, so our psyche, blood circulation, lymph, digestive system, are in direct connection with it. The inharmonious Moon triggers metabolic disorders, the growth of adipose tissue, emotional outbursts, and it affects women much more than men.

In the  horoscope of woman, the planet shows:

  • the fate of women of the clan, their main problems, relationships with men, karmic tasks;
  • women’s health, the ability to bear and give birth to children;
  • the nature of the relationship with the child, what kind of mother she will be;
  • type of appearance, figures, sensuality, empathy, intuition.

In the horoscope of a man:

  • a portrait of the mother and wife, the nature and scenario of relations with them, the sign and the ruler of the house will tshow what kind of spouse he wants;
  • attitude towards marriage, children, mental and physical health;
  • the ability to keep secrets, fidelity, thrift, the level of emotionality and romance.

A weak planet hinders happy marriage and self-expression in society, but it is easier to strengthen it than when it is struck by squares and oppositions.

The strength and weakness of  Moon in the natal chart

A harmonious planet is in the signs of Cancer and Taurus, supported by trines and sextiles of beneficent planets: Venus, Jupiter, Mercury. Fall and exile happen in the signs of Capricorn and Scorpio. It is also difficult for Moon in Aries and Virgo, but all these positions can be worked out through the principles of the signs and rulers of the houses. It is much more difficult when the satellite of the earth:

  • stands in 6, 8 and 12 sectors;
  • burned or afflicted by a malefic aspect with a bad planet;
  • connected with a karmic knot, Saturn or a hostile fixed star;
  • has no aspects with any good planet.

By the position of  Moon in the chart, it is easy to determine the type of temperament, food preferences, ways of rest and short relaxation, the strength of the parental instinct, and most importantly: in which area of ​​life a person will receive the maximum energy to restore resources. For the Moon in Aries it will be sports, competition in business, in Pisces – music, theater, painting, in Taurus – home, financial stability, nepotism, in Capricorn – stability in career and household.

Signs of a weak Moon in personal life

Almost all famous artists, actors, psychotherapists had a bat or a weak Moon in their horoscope. The intensity of emotions, psychological problems, vulnerability, resentment so pissed them off that in search of answers they went on the path of healing through the elaboration of lunar principles.

It is urgent to do this if a person has:

  • strong unreasonable swings from joy to anger, hyperactivity to apathy and indifference;
  • neurotic reactions to a supposed negative scenario, when the event has not yet happened, and the body is shaking with fear;
  • resentment, tearfulness, the desire to anger loved ones, injure them, feed on energy;
  • inadequate irritation to children’s behavior: noise, activity, loud laughter;
  • relationship problems: a partner or individual are emotionally callous, arrogant, with a desire to devalue, humiliate, assert oneself at someone else’s expense;
  • difficulties with conceiving and bearing a child, gynecology (uterus, ovaries, breasts), unwillingness to do housework, cook and feed households in women;
  • problems with the mother, dissatisfaction with the wife, even the most beautiful one, hormonal imbalance, infertility, lack of understanding of how to build relationships with the opposite sex in men;
  • lack of intuition, connection with the subtle world;
  • violation of other people’s personal boundaries, expectation of custody or excessive obsession;
  • poor sleep, eating problems with fatty sweet food, tantrums.

All obsessive states: mania, jealousy, fears, alcohol and drug addictions, inability to express one’s feelings in any way, as well as chronic fatigue and obesity are provoked by a weak or beaten Moon, therefore, following the Sun, it is vital to work it out.

Elaboration of  Moon without aspects

The main thing is to tune in to the purposeful manifestation of the qualities of the planet in the spheres of the house where it stands and which it controls. First of all, this is emotionality, sensitivity and intuition in decision-making, as well as internal permission to reveal feelings in matters of the house and the sign. If, for example, Moon is in the 8th house, strong emotional reactions are needed in sex and business partnerships, following intuition in business matters, consulting an astrologer in choosing a spouse and financial strategy.

Moon without aspects means a cold relationship with a mother in childhood or her absence in a child’s life. Parents did not teach social adaptation, it is difficult for a person to get acquainted, maintain friendly and business ties. Compensation comes through communication with older women, a profession related to children and women’s health, beauty, and psychology. People with such horoscope need to understand and forgive mother. It is necessary to take the first step in dating, but not to impose themselves. They will have to constantly control their emotions, work out shyness, guilt, resentment and generic programs with a psychologist.

Elaboration of  Moon with practical actions

Since the planet governs fluids, any water procedures relieve nervous tension. If there are negative aspects with Neptune, it is vital to learn how to swim in order to accomplish two tasks – to harmonize both planets through immersion in the sea and river elements without danger to life. Prayers, the study of psychology, herbal medicine and energy practices, dancing, acting, and refusing to eat low-vibration foods (meat, fish) will also have a beneficial effect.

Other actions to maintain the harmonious state of  Moon:

  • drink clean water and walk near water bodies;
  • sing every day, professionally and simply for yourself, children, parents;
  • take care of mother, elderly ladies: buy groceries, cook food, take pity, listen, give advice, take to the doctor;
  • take care of children: feed, treat, play, teach;
  • calmly and with pleasure to do wet cleaning of the house and garden, declutter the space, fill it with energy through special practices, decorate, grow plants;
  • alignment of the regime according to the lunar calendar, full sleep for at least 8 hours,  go to bed no later than 23 pm, early rise;
  • visiting massage parlors, spa treatments;
  • meditation alone;
  • watching family comedies and romantic films;
  • communication with the opposite sex, light flirting for mutual pleasure;
  • liberation of the mind from mental noise through forgiveness, spiritual development.

The main thing in working out the broken Moon is the transition from the state of the victim to the position of the creator of one’s own destiny, the rejection of destructive negative emotions, loneliness, and resentment. If there are negative aspects with other planets, people need to work out both participants in the connection, finding common points of intersection.

If this is, for example, the Moon-Neptune, the ideal choice would be separation from the influence of mothers, religious practice, acting in the theater, blogging, editing and showing videos with a participation, teaching children acting skills, charity concerts.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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