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Moon in the 8th house

The moon in the 8th house of the horoscope is generally an unfortunate location for the planet. People need to pay attention to the strength of the moon and the aspects that it forms. If it is essentially strong and harmonious, then the harm from such an astrological position can be considered minimal.

The 8th house is a field of risks, dangers and borderline states. The moon is responsible for health and well-being, so its presence in this house makes people anxious, prone to strong feelings, stress and constantly worried about their integrity. Security issues are very important for such natives, since they have been familiar with situations that threaten them and their family since childhood.

Tragic incidents could occur in the native’s family, and this, as a rule, inflicts mental trauma on the owner of the horoscope. Such individuals can come into contact with the topic of dangerous diseases and death, for example, by the nature of their activity. The 8th house also means material support from partners, and since the Moon symbolizes a house and real estate, it is also possible for these people to receive an inheritance from relatives.

It will be good if these individuals learn to overcome their inner fears. Psychologists and psychotherapists can help them with this. After completing self-defense courses and learning how to fight back ill-wishers, people will gain confidence in themselves and their safety.

In their personal lives, such people can be passionate and emotional. Sexual relations occupy an important place in their life, and it is important that stability is present in this area, i.e. they need a partner to be constant and reliable. At the same time, these owners of the Moon in the field under consideration are touchy and jealous, and it is important to be able to restrain their negative emotions and not provoke these people to stinging remarks and aggressive attacks.

Moon and zodiac signs

The moon in the eighth house and the sign in which it is located will tell about the reasons for people’s anxiety. These people’s experiences may relate to their health, since the 8th house is the house of disease.

The most difficult is the position of the Moon in Capricorn and Scorpio . Such a luminary is weak in quality, and sometimes people do not have enough strength to cope with the mildest infection. They need to improve the quality of their lives, strengthen their immunity, be selective in food (avoid alcohol poisoning, medications, etc.), refrain from eating junk food).

Moon in the 8th house of a man

The moon in the 8th house of a man will tell about his commercial streak and business acumen. As a rule, the owner of a natal chart feels the support of others, both material and intangible, and this is useful to him in business and politics.

In personal life, problems and tragic circumstances are possible. Often the native’s jealousy and suspiciousness spoil his relationship with the opposite sex. If the owner of the horoscope gets rid of his shortcomings (self-will, secrecy, vindictiveness, suspicion, etc.), overcomes his fears, learns to protect his loved ones and lend a shoulder in difficult life situations, then his life will become more stable and calm.

Moon in the 8th house of a woman

A woman with the position of the Moon in the 8th house has a special charm and inner magnetism. She may not have a stunning appearance, but there is always something unusual, attractive, risky and mesmerizing about her.

In the field of partnership, financial support is important for the owner of a horoscope, and she receives it (especially if the Moon is strong in quality and in good aspects with other planets). Such a woman is shrewd, practical and does not miss out on profitable opportunities in life.

Women’s health should be given close attention. With this position of the moon, cycle failures, problems of the reproductive system, difficulties in conceiving and bearing children are possible.

Lilia Garipova

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