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Elaboration of Saturn in the natal chart

Most people are afraid of Saturn. The planet of karma is perceived by a strict teacher, painfully hitting vulnerable spots with a pointer. Few people know that the sooner they learn these lessons and understand what areas to work on, the sooner the reward will come. Saturn does not give it just like that, but if it gives it, then forever. This is the last planet visible from the earth, the symbolic edge of the transition to a new happy dimension of great opportunities. Having overcome the limitations of a strict teacher, the native will enter the world of abundance and success.

The main principle of the planet is the structuring and ordering of chaos into a system. Carelessness, irresponsibility, lack of punctuality are costly for people who initially have a problematic Saturn in their horoscope. In addition, this is an indicator of bad tribal karma, which these owners of the horoscope will have to treat in order not to be passed on to descendants. Sometimes it takes a whole life, because they have to radically change the character, habits, emotional reactions received in the family system.

Strength and weakness of Saturn in the natal chart

The feeling that you do not live your own life and cannot change anything, prolonged repairs and hanging on a small position and salary, joyless humiliating relationships, a recurring family scenario with divorces or marriages with abusers is a clear sign of Saturn’s evil influence on fate. It limits, freezes feelings and events, creates groundhog day. There are initially difficult positions of the planet of fate in the map, requiring elaboration from early youth:

  • in the signs of Aries, Cancer and Leo, whose energies Saturn does not understand, and therefore prevents their manifestation;
  • closer than 5 degrees from the Sun – it is interesting that the planet of karma freezes the sunshine of the personality, hinders personal aspirations and only strong and strong-willed people can overcome this;
  • many tense aspects, especially with sensual planets: Venus, the Moon, Neptune, even Uranus, whose energy is also alien to the planet of order;
  • lack of aspects, the planet is “in the mine” – fear of responsibility, inability to make decisions, a person works hard, but there are no successes and achievements;
  • retrograde, when painful events are repeated until the person learns the lesson.

The kindest and most harmonious Saturn is in Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius, especially in the 10th house. It is in them that Saturn helps to build a career and achieve social heights.

Signs of a weak Saturn in life

Even a strong planet can crush the trembling dreams of individuals with severe penalties if they wait for manna from heaven and do not work for their goals. This happens with trine owners who are used to a happy coincidence. But after 29 years of life, Saturn comes into play and without the ability to take a hit, it is difficult. Therefore, the astrological characteristic of the harmony of Saturn is secondary if such people do not work with their gifts: they are lazy, miss time and opportunities, do not respect the plans of other people, offend the elderly.

There are certain signs that karmic lessons have not been passed and the lord of time will soon throw up trials if the following happens in life:

  • chronic fatigue, apathy, pessimism, inadequate anxiety, neurosis and panic attacks;
  • falls out of the blue, broken bones, problems with teeth, constipation, putrefactive internal processes;
  • unwillingness to be a performer, to serve and serve someone, even their own parents, to obey the rules and traditions;
  • problems with older people, especially of their own sex, at work and at home, according to the spheres of the houses where Saturn stands (if the 10th house, hostility and squabbles from older colleagues are also indicative, and in 4 – households or relatives);
  • aversion to cleaning, everyday life, preparatory work before a creative project;
  • storing old things at home, stinginess, saving for no reason, poverty or unwillingness to work in a simple position to earn money;
  • problems with the law, nit-picking by officials, difficulties with documents, legalization of housing and registration;
  • infertility, loneliness and at the same time irritation and fear of being in the company;
  • regular delays, violations of the deadlines for the delivery of work, cracks in the walls of the house where the native lives;
  • weak immunity, low physical endurance, painful thinness;
  • experience over trifles, nit-picking and condemnation of other people, tediousness, emotional coldness.

Saturn symbolizes the human race, so problems in the family and with conception require the development of the generic system.

Elaboration of Saturn in a mine

A planet of karma without aspects cannot manifest its principles openly in the lives of individuals. They are thrown into extremes, sometimes they work for 20 hours without days off, sometimes they rest for days or deny the significance of their work.  Such people can praise their superiors, and then quit abruptly and throw mud at everyone. Such emotional swings are not characteristic of the Saturnian value system and therefore weaken the physical plane of individuals.

It is necessary to create stability in the sphere of the house where Saturn stands, adhering to the principles of diligence, punctuality, responsibility, deliberately driving away the temptations of rest and idle pastime.

Elaboration of Saturn with practical actions

Unbalanced energy can be harmonized by specific actions, although they will have to be linked into a system that is so sweet to the lord of time. Most often, evil Saturn limits people through their own actions and choices, creating a sense of guilt, hypertrophied responsibility, workaholism, suppression of emotions, a feeling of being bad, unworthy, a small pawn. Even a small obstacle seems insurmountable, causes grumbling or despair. The young man behaves like a 90-year-old grandfather. The only way to change the situation is by willpower through the following actions:

  • looking for the good in any bad situation, planning the daily routine and strict adherence to the schedule, maintaining calm in any situation, but especially when visiting bureaucratic instances;
  • establishing respectful relations with the father and grandfather, as well as any elderly people, even strangers, helping them;
  • do not save on oneself, but do not squander, buy according to the plan, but good and high-quality things, get rid of rubbish in the house and in the head;
  • undergo regular examinations by a doctor, especially a dentist and orthopedist, follow their recommendations;
  • continuous professional development, so that they can see the results of their work and be proud of them, improve their social status;
  • keeping the house clean, a positive attitude towards cleaning (especially useful for women with problematic Saturn: cleaning the house, they symbolically solve problems in marriage), fasting on Saturdays;
  • wear blue and rich dark emerald color, but black, brown and gray are acceptable if Saturn is not severely affected and is not in the corner houses, the same goes for jewelry with blue sapphire, lapis lazuli, topaz;
  • attending worship services, prayer practices, meditation;
  • go to the mountains, engage in mountaineering, mineralogy, construction, repair, agriculture.

The most important thing for such individuals is to treat life philosophically, improve themselves, not others, and constantly grow spiritually.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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