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Lapis lazuli. The magical properties of the stone

LazuriteLapis lazuli is a semi-precious opaque mineral with rich blue-violet tones. It attracts attention thanks to its magical brilliance and mysterious dark tint. In Europe of the Middle Ages, the stone was called “lapis lazuli”, which means azure stone. However, the very name “lapis lazuli” came from Persia, and since then, when interacting with a stone, people have associations with the blue sky and the rich color of the sea.

LazuriteIf you look closely, some minerals contain golden and silvery inclusions that enhance the mysterious soft glow of lapis lazuli. In addition to the common blue lapis lazuli, blue, purple and grayish-green minerals can be found in stores. Most of all, in jewelry, dark blue stones of a homogeneous composition are valued.

Deposits of lapis lazuli are found in Russia, Afghanistan, America, Argentina, Chile and some other countries. Lapis lazuli today are fairly easy to purchase at any gem store or jewelry store.

The magical properties of the stone

Lapis lazuli is sometimes called the stone of kings. Its magical power and beauty were appreciated by the rulers and priests of Ancient Egypt who possessed deep esoteric knowledge. They were convinced that the stone contains divine power. It is no coincidence that the sarcophagi of powerful pharaohs were decorated with lapis lazuli. The stone symbolized spiritual strength and bestowed eternal life.


The ancient Greeks and Romans used lapis lazuli to make jewelry and expensive interior items. The stone was associated with prosperity, success and meant divine disposition.

In India, the stone is often used in meditation practices. Yogis believe that the mineral brings light to the mind of a person. Lapis lazuli helps to look into the depths of the soul and discover your true self. Stones of dark blue color are known for their especially strong miraculous properties. The energy spread by lapis lazuli penetrates into the deep layers of the psyche. Thanks to it, a person can independently recognize and analyze their fears and, as a result, get rid of their negative influence faster.

Lapis lazuli is considered a stone of sincere love and friendship. In any relationship, he brings reliability, loyalty, well-being and stability. Partners discover common language and spiritual unity. Together it is easy for them to go towards common goals, while the paths of partners never diverge.

Healing (medicinal) properties of the stone

LazuriteIn ancient Egypt, lapis lazuli was widely used as a medicine. Healing powders, ointments and mixtures were made from it. Unfortunately, many secrets of using lapis lazuli as a healing agent have been lost today, but the main miraculous properties of the stone are still known in modern society.

The owner of lapis lazuli becomes more balanced, calm and stable when faced with surprises and minor troubles. A philosophical understanding comes to him that all difficulties are transient, and problems in any case will be resolved over time. The main thing is not to panic and not waste your psychic energy on empty experiences. Lapis lazuli soothes, pacifies and directs a person’s spiritual forces towards constructive problem solving.

Blue mineral helps to improve vision. While working at the computer, it is useful to glance at the decorative lapis lazuli figurine from time to time. The magic of the stone will be felt immediately: thanks to the soothing blue of lapis lazuli, the tension in the gaze will quickly disappear, the flies and pain in the eyes will disappear.

In addition, lapis lazuli has a positive effect on the throat and helps improve thyroid function. People who are forced to talk a lot by the nature of their work can use the mineral to restore throat chakra energy and enhance their creativity.

Blue lapis lazuli helps many to relieve headaches, reduce blood pressure and reduce inflammation in the body. It can be used as a good adjuvant in traditional treatments.


Who is Lapis Lazuli suitable for?

Dark blue lapis lazuli is the best fit for the energy of Capricorn and  Aquarius . He helps the representatives of these signs to act humanely and mercifully, honestly and prudently. In their worldviews, the owners of lapis lazuli adhere to the principles of mercy, compassion and respect for human nature.

Lapis lazuli of blue-violet shades is a stone of Sagittarius , striving for a sublime and ideal world. He helps them in their study of morality and moral laws in society, and allows them to achieve much in areas such as religion, law, philosophy and teaching. Lapis lazuli will bring good luck and success in matters related to travel, higher education and graduate degrees.

A stone of blue-green shades will enhance the influence of Mercury if this planet is weak in the horoscope. The opinion of the owner of lapis lazuli will be important, and soon he will feel the respect of others. A person will be able to show his excellent organizational skills and ability to make work processes more effective. It should be noted that lapis lazuli should be used with caution by those who have Saturn in the natal birth chart damaged or located unfavorably.

So, many will be captivated by the beauty of the sky-blue stone and its unique play of color. By purchasing a magical mineral, people will feel that lapis lazuli brings peace, tranquility, wisdom and love to everything around them.

Garipova Lilia Ramilevna


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