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Saturn in the 11th house of the relocation chart

Malicious planets always make the owners of the moving map sad , but unfortunately, it does not happen that all participants in the events are located extremely favorably. The art of astrological selection of a new residence is to balance the risks and benefits, and if the latter dominates the former, then this option is suitable.

Saturn is the main limiter and creator of many trials. True, if you pass them with honor, then the reward will be great, but not everyone succeeds. His position in the 11th house slowly and surely deprives a person of the pleasure of life, he ceases to desire and is content with little. Only if there are trines and sextiles, the native makes a list of his intentions and goes to implement them in stages, but does not feel joy from this.

Features of the transition of Saturn to the 11th house of the relocation chart

Any person can make a map of the move, if he can correct the time of his birth in Greenwich, according to the parameters of the coordinates of the city of the move, but the interpretation of the positions of the planets is a complicated matter.

It is imperative to take into account the indications of the natal chart and aspects, since it is impossible to judge just by one planet how bad or good the circumstances will be.

The 11th house is responsible for the joy of life, friends, the environment of like-minded people, life ideology and dreams. This is the most abstract house, the realm of Aquarius and aspirations for the future. Despite the fact that Saturn considers the symbolic co-ruler of this sector, he still brings coldness and restrictions. With favorable aspects, this is not bad, because specific desires appear, but with an abundance of quadratures, the native becomes gloomy and irritable.

Much depends on the natal position of the planet. Most often, Saturn moves into the 11th house from the nearest 9, 10, 12, 1 and beyond.

If it has shifted from 9, then this doubles the pessimistic mood of the person. He does not want to learn anything, he is afraid at the thought of public speaking, while doing his job very well, he is shy or afraid of the attention of others, and even the slightest criticism makes him embittered and unhappy. With such indicators, any student or teacher will become insecure, and the native will not be appreciated at work.

The transition of Saturn from the 10th house does not allow a person to open up in a team, both as a boss and as a subordinate. It is difficult for him to concentrate on his goals, and he is forced to work to fulfill the dreams of others.

The movement from the 12th house to the 11th, on the contrary, makes you think about what is really important, and if there are positive aspects, the native can finally begin to act systematically, and not sit and suffer, that success is easy for everyone, but not for him.

The displacement of Saturn from the 1st house of natal to the 11th house of the relocation chart prevents the owner of the card from stepping forward from the crowd and claiming his rights to awards, bonuses, subsidies. He modestly merges with the team, and if the boss himself does not help him, he will wait until he is remembered and thanked someday.

With positive aspects, this is a wonderful worker in the name of a common cause.

Saturn in the 11th house relocation and communication charts

The planet of karma greatly narrows the circle of communication. This does not happen immediately, since social planets, in principle, sway for a long time, and in the first years after the move, the native does not immediately feel the changes.

However, gradually new acquaintances go into the shadows, they stop inviting him somewhere, or he himself refuses due to some introductory circumstances: illness, fatigue, workload, prohibitions on fun by her husband and parents.

If Saturn is strongly struck, then in the child’s chart this means that he does not like the class team at all, that strict laws of survival of the strongest reign there, but if the aspects are good, you will have to work hard and prove compliance with high standards. However, in any case, there is some opposition to a group of other persons.

The adult owner of the card himself chooses with whom to communicate with him, deliberately limiting the circle of communication to a few closest friends, or he remains alone at all.

In the best case, a person has 2-3 reliable and faithful friends.

Saturn in the 11th house relocation charts and ideology

It would seem that beliefs are not the most vulnerable part of the owner of the card, and Saturn will not do much harm by limiting his views. However, relatives of the native suffer from a change in ideology, fanatical devotion to some theory (usually conservative), and he himself does not feel happy if other people argue with him.

Again, if he did not previously adhere to radical views, he can be carried away by a certain idea only after moving, and not immediately, but if he takes something for the truth, he will be fanatically devoted to both this organization and their postulates, whether it be a protection society animals or women’s rights activists. Sometimes this works as a compensator, gives confidence and a sense of belonging to something more than one’s own personality, due to which other restrictions are not perceived as fetters, but rather cause a desire to fight for a brighter future.

The problem is only a passion for forbidden and destructive topics, which is also not excluded, because everything depends on the level of human development.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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