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Saturn in the 5th house of the relocation chart

A person moves in search of a better city for life, in the hope that his dreams will receive a new boost of energy, and he himself will manifest himself in the world differently. This is not without reason, because after a change of residence, the planets in the horoscope also shift to other houses , and a new scenario of events emerges. However, whether it will be better or worse depends on many factors.

In addition to good planets, it is necessary to evaluate the position of Saturn . This is the main limiter and censor of the horoscope. He brings coldness, trials and obstacles to any sphere, although everything is far from being as gloomy as they usually write on the Internet, however, those who dream of passionate love and children still should not tempt fate by moving to where Saturn falls in 5 house.

Features of the transition of Saturn to the 5th house of the relocation chart

Metaphorically, Saturn can be portrayed as a stern moralizing old man who finds himself in the kingdom of Venus , full of bliss, pleasure and playful energy of a free child. Naturally, he wants to send everyone to the machine to the factory, to do business, instead of playing, loving and basking in the rose garden. Accordingly, the native himself will be ashamed to flirt, run on dates, have fun with children, when there are so many important and urgent things that no one can do better than him.

However, it is important to simply create new rules of the game, plan everything according to the scheme: time for business, hour for fun, to please both Venus, the symbolic ruler of the 5th house, and Saturn, but as a rule, it is difficult for the native to do this. Of course, the changes will not happen instantly, but when the joy is gone, it will be too late to act. To understand the vector of influence of a harsh planet, it is important to determine from which house of the natal chart it passes into the 5th house of relocation. Most often, these are the nearest sectors: 3, 4, 6, 7.

The transition of Saturn from the 3rd house of natal to the 5th local narrows the circle of communication in such a way that it is difficult for the native to find a partner for himself or it is impossible to fall in love in principle, as, for example, if a female team is everywhere, or the owner of the horoscope works alone or in a kindergarten and There is simply no way to get to know each other. Accordingly, a man will have his own environment without women.

The movement of Saturn from the 4th house of natal to the 5th local brings into the spotlight the difficulties with housing, which affects matters of personal life and children. For example, there is simply nowhere to bring a person you like, because either the apartment is terrible, the owners are against it, or the native lives with old parents at all. Lack of housing can cause pregnancy to be delayed.

Moving Saturn out of the 6th house also makes it impossible to have an affair at work or the native may be fired for such a relationship. A person does not enjoy his activities, and women may have problems conceiving.

Movement from the 7th house removes romance from marriage, friendship from partnership, purely business relations remain, although marriage of convenience is not ruled out.

Saturn in 5th house relocation and love charts

The overall bleak picture can always be corrected, but if the move concerns a young man or girl who really wants to experience the joy of mutual love, then it is better to choose another place to move, especially if Saturn is negatively aspected, which is guaranteed to negatively affect relationships with the opposite sex. Indeed, in this case, a person becomes simply invisible to others, gradually feels like an old man, unable to rejoice, dream, flirt, and reduces the excitement of love to exclusively physiological needs. One way or another, romance disappears from his life.

Of course, in the first years of life in a new place, the above-described condition is possible only in a mild form, but every year it will intensify.

If you are lucky and initially the native falls in love and enjoys this stage of the relationship, then in the future it will be quite comfortable for him to transfer the relationship into the category of marriage, but if it does not work out, then loneliness will become his destiny for a long time.

Thus, if the owner of the card is not married, but wants to be loved, love, start a family and have children, it is better for him to choose another direction for moving, where initially there will be no potential obstacles created by Saturn.

Saturn in the 5th house relocation charts and children

If a person already has a child, strictness, coldness and excessive claims will appear in relations with him, and the process can be mutual. The desire to spend time together, play, fool around will disappear. This can be both due to workload at work, or simply the native himself has an internal obstacle. There is simply no strength and desire.

This is again solved by purposefully organizing leisure time, when we go to the cinema, to a cafe on weekends, buy new board games and deal with the instructions together.

Much more difficult for those who just want to get pregnant. Saturn limits the energy of conception if there are negative aspects. Also, a woman can fall into the power of fears for her health, finances, age and will postpone pregnancy herself.

The third option – conception does not occur for completely incomprehensible reasons. Sometimes you have to move to another place for things to happen.

At the same time, if a person is being treated for infertility, and Saturn is well aspected, the position in the 5th house, on the contrary, will help to positively complete conservative treatment with the desired result.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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