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Saturn in the 6th house of the relocation chart

In whatever house Saturn falls , he creates difficulties. In a positive way, these are lessons and tests, after passing which a person receives a reward, in a negative way – the inability to get what they want on the topic of the house , where the planet of karma stands. In addition, the relocation does not cancel the value of Saturn in the natal chart, just the problem area smoothly shifts to a new sector.

The sixth house itself is a place of service, humility, recovery, sometimes in the most severe ways. And this is what makes it comfortable enough for Saturn, and most importantly, for the perception of the energies of the planet by the owner of the card.

However, there are certain nuances here. If a person’s profession brings a good income through diligence, then Saturn will not harm him, but those who like to delegate their duties and chill on the sidelines will have a hard time.

Features of the transition of Saturn to the 6th house of the relocation chart

After moving, there are not always visible changes. Therefore, very often a person stops worrying about the influence of Saturn, believing that since everything is fine, then it will continue to be so. However, rapid changes are given by the Moon and Mercury, and social planets can accumulate energy, and only after a few years does a black streak begin if you do not prepare for it in advance.

This is especially true when Saturn is negatively aspected. However, then bad events can happen quickly if they are provoked by transit.

The natal position of Saturn is also of great importance, because it is its eventfulness that will be reflected in the new position along the line of affairs of the 6th house: in work, service, in matters related to health and treatment for existing chronic diseases.

Most often, the planet of karma moves into the 6th house of the relocation chart from the nearest 4th, 5th, 7th and 8th, since the grid of houses shifts both clockwise and counterclockwise.

If Saturn was in the 4th house in the natal chart, then its shift to the 6th will definitely affect the topic of housing and family, however, it is quite possible that the native will work hard to earn a good house, but will not be able to spend much time with his family.

This is a great opportunity for real estate workers and freelancers to provide themselves to the fullest.

The transition of Saturn from the 5th house to the 6th will limit the possibilities of love relationships, dates, perhaps at work there will be a ban on such things between employees, or the native will be so inundated with business that there will not be enough time for personal life. The same thing awaits parents: immersion in work will not allow you to spend much time with children.

The shift of Saturn from the 7th house to the 6th is not the worst, here you can just expect the signing of lucrative contracts in terms of business partnerships, marriage registration, and for married couples this will be the time to start a serious business. Only the afflicted Saturn presents a problem, so it provokes a divorce with the possibility of dividing property, especially if it rules the 4th sector of natal.

The transition of Saturn from the 8th house brings a major transformation in matters related to work and health, and here a lot depends on the aspects of the planet. Negative ones bring big problems, and positive ones give energy to overcome obstacles, but everything comes from the personal will and mood of a person.

Saturn in 6th house relocation and work charts

If the native works in real estate, the army and the civil service, finance, accounting, construction, geology, pedagogy, he may not feel much of the negative influence of Saturn, since he already works with his energies. The hardest thing will be for creative, energetic, impulsive people, as well as for those who are used to the fact that the place of work is a second family.

Most likely, they will not be perceived in a new place of residence in a relative way, gifts of fate can not be expected, and they will receive a reward after many years of faithful service.

A positively aspected Saturn brings good opportunities for career advancement, but it will be just climbing steps to the top, without a meteoric rise. Negative aspects prevent a person from taking a worthy place, they threaten unemployment and lack of money.

Saturn in 6th house relocation and health charts

Danger is a planet aspected by a square and opposition. In this case, one should expect a state of chronic fatigue, a gradual loss of joint flexibility, in more severe cases, if Mars is involved in aspects, the native is threatened with fractures, inflammatory rheumatoid processes, health problems in general, of unclear origin, for example, when a person is constantly cold. Of the minor difficulties, osteochondrosis and low blood pressure, frequent headaches can be distinguished.

Saturn in trine with benefic planets, on the contrary, promises success in long-term treatment. Perhaps it is at the new place of residence that the native will find a doctor who will solve the problem that has tormented him for a long time.

In any case, hardening through dousing with cold water, yoga and Pilates is well suited as a compensator.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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