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Sixth House of the horoscope “Point of Power”

The sixth house of the horoscope refers to the falling houses. The key concepts for this house are daily (routine) work, job duties, health care. At first glance, it might seem that the function of this house is negligible. But still, if people think about it, they can find important relationships of the sixth house with the previous, the fifth house of the horoscope, and the next, the Seventh house.

The 6th house seems to continue and complement the meaning of the 5th house, because without the application of labor and regular efforts, creative projects and the representative function of the 5th house does not make sense. In addition, the 6th house prepares the ground for the first contact with the outside world. Let this painstaking internal work not be noticeable, but only after its completion is it possible to go “into the people”, that is, the transition to the themes of the 7th house, the house of partnership.

6th house and its characteristics

An analysis of the 6th house of the horoscope will show how people feel about their work and how diligent they are in carrying out their daily duties. Not everyone is able to be effective at all times in the workplace.

Laziness and ill health can create glory for people as  bad workers and  parasites. And only harmony between soul and body, mind and feelings can form the preconditions for successful work, when honest performance of one’s duties brings true pleasure and good practical results to the owner. Having felt the need to maintain order and a healthy atmosphere around them, people will feel satisfaction from the tasks that they do.

The 6th house combines two themes: work and health. It points out that a comfortable work environment is the key to both physical and mental health. On the other hand, if people do not follow the regime of work and rest, work hard or, conversely, indulge in laziness all the time, this weakens their health. In the case of overwork and excessive stress, they sooner or later feel a loss of energy and a weakening of the body’s defenses. Lack of any activity leads to mental stagnation and mental discomfort.

In order to maintain health and find good health, they need to follow the correct daily routine, be punctual, collected, attentive to the mental and physical processes taking place inside. It is necessary to ensure that the thoughts in the head are constructive, and the feelings are bright and clear. Since most diseases are of psychological origin, they need to take care not only of the body and its safety, but also of their everyday emotional background.

The 6th house will also tell about the subordinates of the owners of the horoscope, as well as whether they are good at following the instructions of their superiors. If the elements of this house have harmonious ties with other houses, then people fit well into the team. As  employees, they feel comfortable among colleagues and know how to create comfortable conditions for themselves.

House value in compatibility analysis

When analyzing compatibility (both business and marital), it is important to take into account information about the location of the planets of one partner in the houses of another. For example, if a person’s Sun activates the 6 house of the colleague’s horoscope, then certain relations of subordination arise. The owner of the Sun will help the native in the performance of  duties, often taking on part of the work.

If the wife’s Moon falls into the 6th house of the husband’s natal chart , then this will set her up to create convenient and comfortable living and living conditions. This interaction can also mean caring for the spouse’s health.

Lilia Garipova


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