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Selena (White Moon) in Capricorn – the noble asceticism of the eternal worker

One of the fictitious points of the natal chart , the White Moon, opposes the Black Moon, highlighting the sphere of life where the greatest number of good deeds was performed. They determined the native’s light karma, and according to its level, every seven years he receives a reward for past deeds. It increases if in this incarnation the line of selfless actions continues. White Moon (Selena or Lulu) in Capricorn means that her ward in a previous life left idle secular pleasures for the sake of serving loved ones in harsh conditions, doing little in everyday life, but generously giving light to the souls of others.

This could be the path of a monk, a yogi, a doctor who devote themselves to prayers and healing practices. In a woman’s horoscope, there is a likelihood of abandoning worldly joys for the sake of monastic service or family exploits, for example, adopting children of deceased relatives, working as a nurse in a military hospital. Now Selena in Capricorn will not require radical sacrifices, but it is necessary to develop the highest qualities of Saturn – discipline, punctuality, commitment and moderation in everything.

The saving influence of the White Moon

A native may not remember that in a past life he voluntarily agreed to be a “scapegoat”, taking other people’s sins and courageously enduring an unfair punishment, but in this incarnation he will be protected from the wiles of spiteful critics. The voice of the guardian angel comes from within his own mind or through bosses, government officials and people who are personally authoritative for him. The help of the Higher Forces comes during:

  • planning important business events, registering a company or organization, contacting government agencies;
  • filing documents for marriage or divorce;
  • creating a long-term project – construction, family business, choosing a profession in which the native wants to improve for many years (admission to even the most prestigious university will then magically happen);
  • search for the meaning of life and asceticism carried out for this purpose – refusal from meat, sexual abstinence, starvation;
  • participation in political and social movements, charity events to collect humanitarian aid;
  • hard physical and meticulous intellectual work, especially with the aim of helping colleagues;
  • classes in geology, mathematics, archeology, mineralogy, agriculture, personnel and office management, management, antiques, jewelry and watchmaking.

It is important for the owner of the White Moon in Capricorn to set a global goal, the result of which will be not only his elevation, but also an improvement in the quality of life of other people, and the Higher Forces will instantly fulfill his dream. Mountains and minerals will become a source of natural energy that removes negativity and fatigue. Tactile contact with talismanic stones, climbing to the peaks and contemplating the rocks will inspire and fill you with strength.

Three levels of karmic manifestation

Interestingly, Selena in Capricorn appears late in the day, almost without affecting childhood and adolescence, starting with conscious goal setting, for example, choosing a profession after school. The exception is an early encounter with the harsh reality: life without parents, caring for younger brothers and sisters. The White Moon provides protection and support according to the level of awareness and accumulated benefits:

1. Inferior – Selena gives the ward the opportunity to set ambitious goals that may seem unrealistic to the layman, and achieve them with great diligence and patience. When pride, fussiness and arrogance arise, it blocks career and financial advancement, since these qualities contradict the higher energetic vibrations of Capricorn.

2. Average – a person confidently goes to the realization of a dream into reality, gets a high post of a leader or commander-in-chief, being able to influence the fate of many, and then goes along the fateful karmic line begun in the past: sacrifices himself to save other people, or disinterestedly helps thanks to the power received, being content with little for himself.

3. The Supreme – the native voluntarily sacrifices himself for the sake of saving his neighbor in an extreme situation, or goes into spiritual asceticism in a monastery or ashram.

Regardless of the level of karma, astrologers advise the owner of Selene in Capricorn to settle in mountainous areas in houses with stone foundations.

Important aspects with other planets

The rulers of the Capricorn sign are Saturn, a cold and strict censor of inner morality and partly the unauthorized original of Uranus. Selena’s harmonious aspects with them give the world a charismatic strong personality with a developed sense of duty and responsibility to the people and employees entrusted to him. This is a talented leader with technical innovative knowledge, who can foresee the situation dozens of moves ahead and save his business from disaster.

Square or opposition with Uranus and Saturn give rise to a picky conservative who comes up with unnecessary restrictions and sacrifices for himself and his loved ones, an opponent of progress. The conjunction with the Sun and Venus softens the character of the native and helps to become the leader of a country or corporation. Confrontation with Lilith tempts to sacrifice not oneself, but other people, to buy off other people’s destinies, and to overcome this, it will take tremendous willpower and faith in God.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the Selena in Capricorn:


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