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Sun in the 12th house of the relocation chart

People always hope that moving to a new place of residence will bring them success. In order to understand in which areas this will happen easily, and where they have to work hard, they make up a relocation horoscope. The fact is that when people move and, accordingly, enter new geographical data, the position of the planets in the houses changes, which shifts the focus to new events, in which the energies inherent in the natal chart are revealed quickly or vice versa, problems arise that need to be worked out.

The Sun in the 12th house is not the most favorable position, and it frightens many, because it often predicts isolation, illness and loneliness. However, for creative people, esotericists and introverts, on the contrary, this portends favorable conditions for revealing their unique talents, but ambitious extroverts will have to get used to slowing down the rhythm of life for a long time.

Features of the transition of the Sun to the 12th house of the relocation chart

Most often, if people move not too far from the place of birth, the main luminary of the horoscope moves to the 12th house from the neighboring 11th or from the 1st house, which greatly affects, first of all, communication and self-expression.

House cusps can move both clockwise and in the opposite direction, which is just considered to awaken new energies, a thirst for creativity and a desire for change.

That is why the transition of the Sun to the 12th house from the 1st will not turn the owners of the chart into an unsociable outcast, but will shift the focus to the disclosure of creative abilities, exploration of the inner world, music and acting, spiritual and religious practices. Of course, this scenario is not suitable for everyone. If a person with the Sun in the 1st house was engaged in business and moved for promotion or independent work in this direction, then the Sun in the 12th house will provoke intrigues, pitfalls, activation of old enemies, or such individual will feel isolated and lonely.

At the same time, for an actor, psychologist, astrologer or musician, living in this city will be beneficial (if there are no too tense aspects), it will become a period of revealing the secrets of the human soul and broadcasting them through their activities.

It will be much more difficult for the owners of the Sun in the 11th house, who are used to being in a circle of friends, actively communicating and being protected by a powerful organization. Now it may turn out that they will be expelled from the team or they will not fit into new social groups, or even worse: they will be imprisoned voluntarily or forcibly, and they will have to get used to radically different rules of interaction. This happens with the negative aspect of the Sun and connections with the 1st, 4th and 8th houses.

Who is suitable for the transition of the Sun to the 12th house of the relocation chart

Very often, such a position of the luminary initially hints at forced emigration, and aspects show whether a person will be happy with the decision made or completely disappointed in it.

In any case, with this position of the Sun, it will not be possible to lead an active lifestyle, or it will begin to annoy. When choosing a place of residence, it is necessary to understand in advance what type of activity people will be engaged in and whether they want solitude and tranquility.

If this is a pensioner who bought a house by the lake, and the Sun, Neptune and the rulers of 12th and 4th houses have excellent connections, then such an old age will be a pleasure for a person. This will please the psychologist, astrologer, writer, doctor, artist, who need to focus on their work and relax in their free time.

Interestingly, even for bloggers, the position of the Sun in the 12th house will not prevent them from flourishing and attracting thousands of subscribers, the main thing is to choose a mysterious style of social networks, come up with a mysterious image, a pseudonym, share the results of their searches.

It is very good if at the same time there are professional high-quality photographs in the blog, since the 12th house is symbolically controlled by Neptune, and in order to reveal the Sun for their own benefit, they need to use its chips: acting, dance, photography. They can be both a hobby, as a sunburning activity, and practical tools.

Sun in the 12th house of the relocation chart: freedom and health

This house of the horoscope is often frightening, because it is associated with forced isolation in the form of a hospital and prison. However, there are a lot of people who have the Sun exactly there in the natal chart, and even with intense aspects, but they do not spend all the time in places not so remote. For this, there is just a compensator, mentioned above.

However, if people move and transfer the negative connections of the Sun to the 12th house, they are not initially ready for new turns of events. They have a different fate in the natal chart. They may behave inappropriately, or the same actions will attract different consequences.

Many people who have negative connections between the rulers of the 12th, 1st and 6th houses in the relocation chart note that they have never had such protracted illnesses and problems at work before. It is especially difficult for the owners of the Sun in fiery signs.

If tense aspects develop between the Sun, Mars, Pluto, as well as the rulers of the 1st, 8th, 12th houses, the likelihood of imprisonment increases due to the impulsive behavior of the native or the intrigues of enemies. At a minimum, such individuals will be so loaded with work that they will never see the light of day.

In the presence of the relationships mentioned above, it is better to choose another place for a long stay.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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