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Sun in 12th (twelfth) house

The sun in the Twelfth House is not the best location for a luminary. This house is traditionally considered evil, and the presence of the Sun in it brings limitations and difficulties associated with self-expression and self-realization in the native’s life.

The 12th house of the horoscope has to do with secrets and illusions. The owners of the Sun in this house spend a lot of effort to understand their mission and life purpose. Often these natives rely on the will of fate and do what others ask or demand of them. The disadvantage caused by such an arrangement of the luminary is the uncertainty and indecision of these subjects. It often happens that the key decisions in life are made for them by those around them and they just go with the flow.

No matter how hard these people try, it is difficult for them to advertise their activities and demonstrate their dignity. The results of their work go unnoticed, and success is appropriated by other people, more agile, active, disruptive and tenacious. Deep down, the owners of the Sun in the 12th house understand that true merit and achievements are associated with selfless service to others. They discard selfishness and consciously choose the path of humility, modesty and selfless labor for the benefit of others.

Solitude is very important for the owners of the horoscope. It helps to look into themselves and understand their desires, motives of behavior and aspirations. Orphanages,  hospitals, sanatoriums, prisons are associated with the 12th house, and therefore these people’s activities often take place in closed-type institutions.

If the luminary in the 12th house is strong in quality and has harmonious aspects, then people can have good intuition, psychic and healing abilities. If the Sun is struck and weakened, then they can fight diseases all their life, suffer from isolation and injustice of the world around them, and be undeservedly forgotten.

The sun in the 12th house can be interpreted in different ways. It can be the reason for emigration and imprisonment, the key to success in creative, medical activities, etc. In any case, this astrological phenomenon must be investigated in conjunction with other indications of the horoscope.

Sun in 12th house in various zodiac signs

The most successful option is the Sun in Aries and Leo, as it is essentially strong in these signs. People in this position can successfully move to another country, gain fame far from home. The Sun in Libra and Aquarius is weakened and can cause heart and cardiovascular diseases.

The luminary in water signs makes people very psychological and intuitive. The subconscious mind gives them important clues, saving them from unexpected difficulties and fatal accidents. If these owners of the Sun in earthly signs learn to trust the signs sent by fate, then they will achieve greater success in business.

Sun in the 12th house in a man’s birth chart

Since the Sun in the horoscope symbolizes the father, it is difficult for the owner of the horoscope to form a relationship with him. The father does not participate in the life of his son or does not devote enough time to him. The sun in the 12th house also indicates that the child grew up without a father or was raised by a stepfather.

As a result, the image of an adult man often remains incomprehensible and blurred for the native, and it is difficult for him subsequently to show truly masculine qualities: courage, decisiveness, energy, openness and enterprise. Intuitively, the owner of the horoscope still understands that his true strength lies in something else.

Sun in the 12th house in a woman’s birth chart

With this position of the luminary in a woman’s personal life, annoying accidents and troubles can happen, especially if the Sun is weak and has negative aspects with other planets. There can be a lot of incomprehensible and illusory around her chosen one. Separations, illness, and force majeure can hinder the development of a relationship. The sun in the 12th house also indicates a foreign husband or a representative of other cultures.

Lilia Garipova


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