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Sun in the 7th house of the relocation chart

Nothing will ever happen to people that is not written in their natal charts, and yet, they always want to correct their fate by meeting a solarium in a new place or moving to where the Sun, the generator of the main energy of the horoscope, will be in a more advantageous position. It will not move to another sign, however, for example, the weak subordinate position of the luminary in Aquarius in the 6th house is transformed into a successful and fruitful partnership in the 7th house, because when people change their places of residence, the cusps of houses shift.

The Sun in the 7th house shifts the focus to interaction with other people, and this can also save the native from loneliness if it was not possible to marry and start a family in the old place. If there are tense aspects, on the contrary, such individuals will have to win back the object of sympathy with a fight, or the move will provoke a divorce and litigation.

Features of the transition of the Sun to the 7th house of the relocation chart

Building a horoscope of relocation is not easy. The time of birth must be converted according to Greenwich Mean Time and then add the time difference according to the year the person was born. However, if everything is done correctly, we can get a fairly accurate picture of the events in the new place.

Most often, the Sun moves into the 7th house from the nearest 6th or 8th, and this leaves a special imprint. House cusps move clockwise if the native moves east, or in the opposite direction when moving west. The latter option is considered the beginning of a second youth and gives a fuse of energy, while in other cases, adaptation is calmer.

The transition from the 6th house, however, is already beneficial for the chart holders and opens up possibilities never seen before. Such individuals still serve other people, but from a more elevated position: they give advice, consults, enlightens.

Now it is not they who ask and obey, but people come to them for experience and wisdom. There is a chance to get out of employment in their own business, albeit as a partnership. Also, for single people, the focus is shifting from a career to creating a family.

The transition of the Sun from the 8th house to the 7th will be a relief only with favorable aspects. The natal position involves development in a crisis, managing big money and in the field of esotericism.

Accordingly, the best option would be to advise people in a state of stress or financial inquiries. Otherwise, crises will arise in marriage and the owners of the horoscope will have to show the best qualities of their sunny side in order to reach the highest level of their sign.

Sun in the 7th house of the relocation chart and relationships

Personal life, the desire to start a family are the leading topics of this position of the luminary. On the one hand, with a favorable position in the monastery, exaltation and good aspects, there is every chance to do this.

Indeed, it is now easier to meet a life partner, and as a rule, active offers come from the opposite sex, even if the chartholder is a man. A woman can only choose from a variety of applicants for her hand.

Only now, with a weak position of the Sun and the presence of tense aspects, on the contrary, people become hostages of circumstances, for example, they want to create a love marriage, but in the end they choose from those who are most pleasant, but there is no particular passion there.

The Sun in the 7th house is initially a weak position, where partners are karmic teachers. It is good if other planets symbolizing happiness fall into the same house: Venus, Jupiter. In this case, an abundance of worthy potential satellites is provided.

When Mars and Saturn are located there, falling in love with a karmic partner is not excluded, when a person realizes that they are not a couple: there is a difference in education, religion, worldview in general, belonging to different social strata, but it attracts each other so much that it is separate even breathing is difficult.

Particularly prone to this attraction are women who had an overbearing dominant father.

When the Sun moves to the 7th house of relocation from the 6th, the probability of falling into a co-dependent relationship is greater, since service through submission is already written in the natal chart.

If there is a connection with the Ascending or Descending Node, a karmic study of relations through an authoritarian partner is added here: people will have to defend their values and the right to self-realization.

If in natal chart the Sun was in the 8th house, then its owners will become bored in a calm, prosperous relationship. They need emotional shake-ups, dramas, anguish, which also hypothetically involves them in a relationship with an abuser.

Work through problems in personal life should be through equal business partnerships with the natal Sun in the 6th, and through joint adventures, travel, extreme sports in the position of the luminary in the 8th, to add thrills, but avoid emotional conflicts.

The negative influence of the Sun in the 7th house of the relocation chart

Before moving, people should study the natal chart. If initially the Sun has many negative connections with other planets, and during relocation a tense aspect is formed to the cusp of the 7th house, then such a move would be advisable only in case of a direct threat to life, when the Sun is in the 8th house and there are already strong good relations, because there are the likelihood that problems and destructive impacts will be played out through partners, including in personal life.

It is best if a person has a business that does not need to be started from scratch, and a reliable partner, then life-threatening circumstances in the 8th house will lose the least problems in the form of clashes with ill-wishers, quarrels with friends.

If the affected Sun is in natal chart in the 6th house, then the main battlefield for one’s ego and self-realization will be at work. It is there that karmic enemies and dependence on the will of the boss will appear, therefore it is undesirable to marry a person of higher status if he/she initially seeks to dominate and impose his/her will.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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