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Sun in the 7th (seventh) house

If the Sun in the birth chart is located in the Seventh House , then people under this position see their life goal in creating a harmonious and successful partnership. Here marriage is most often meant, but business cooperation is also of great importance for such people. They feel more confident when not only they, but also their partners are involved in the case, even if the latter’s contribution is minimal.

The sun in the 7th house is considered a lucky sign. The luminary helps these individuals to tune in to the inner world and the mood of others and to act, taking into account not only their own, but also those of others. If the Sun has harmonious aspects , then these natives are delicate, polite and diplomatic. They will not go into open conflict, but will compromise. It is these people who can find a solution that benefits both.

Interacting with other people, such individuals understand themselves better. These owners of the Sun in the 7th house of the horoscope are convinced that people never come into their lives by accident. All their companions are real teachers, shedding light on their personality and contributing to the development of their personality.

If the Sun in the 7th house is struck, then people can talk about open confrontation, conflicts and disputes in personal life and business partnership. Sometimes the native’s spouse is prone to a bohemian and idle lifestyle, extravagance and empty entertainment.

The sun in the 7th house can mean a marriage partner of higher social status. A life partner can be a famous and authoritative person. Thanks to the concluded marriage, the financial situation of the owner of the horoscope often improves.

Sun in 7th house in various zodiac signs

If the Sun in the house of relationships is strong in quality (for example, the Sun is in Leo or in Aries), then people’s partners will have positive qualities, and living together and activities will give them a feeling of happiness and fullness of life. The sun in the fire signs of the zodiac will motivate such people to actively participate in public life and will bring an element of healthy competition and competitiveness to the partnership.

The sun in air signs (for example, in Gemini) will tell people that partners will communicate a lot, share information, travel around the world and study together.

If the Sun is in the signs of Water, then people will understand each other without words. The Sun in Cancer will make family values ​​and finding a kind, caring and homely partner a priority for the native.

For the owners of the Sun in earthly signs, happiness consists in a stable union, in which economic affairs will be successfully carried out and material well-being will be profited.

Sun in the 7th house in a man’s birth chart

For a native with the Sun in the 7th field of the horoscope, the father plays an important role in life. Many conversations are conducted with him, an example is taken from him. It is he who teaches the owner of the horoscope to skillfully negotiate, establish contacts and cooperation with others.

A man with the Sun in the 7th house strives for a happy partnership, but he is very selective. The woman of his dreams is confident, looks impressive, knows how to behave in public, loves social life and cultural events.

Sun in 7th house in woman’s birth chart

This position of the Sun in a woman’s horoscope is one of the indications of a happy marriage, although much also depends on the aspects of the star and its strength. The partner will be generous, bright, cheerful and open. The owner of the horoscope will appreciate his courage, leadership qualities and determination.

However, in partnerships, such women are often either driven or too proactive. It is important to learn how to maintain balance in partnership, that is, to go not behind or in front of a man, but hand in hand with him.

Lilia Garipova


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