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Seventh House of the horoscope “Point You”

The seventh house of the horoscope belongs to the corner houses, and this indicates its special significance when analyzing the birth chart. The seventh house describes partners of the people and how they know how to build relationships with such partners.

This house is also traditionally associated with competitors and open enemies, and this is no coincidence. The seventh house is opposed to the first house, which represents the individuality, and this position describes the opposition of individuals and the world around them, their clash with other people’s interests, positions and views. Openly and boldly stepping towards the opponent, such people get to know themselves better and understand what personal qualities they lack for successful functioning in society.

7th house and its characteristics

The 7th house is compared by many to a mirror in which we can see ourselves. It is no coincidence that these or those partners come to us. Such partners bring out qualities that we lack. Communicating with their soulmate, we learn a lot. Seventh house helps people understand their uniqueness and at the same time realize that their partners in the same situation can act differently, but no less successfully.

Partnership relationships can provide both psychological comfort and discomfort. It depends on the signs and planets in the 7th house. On the one hand, people feel good when their ally complements them. A partner can easily perform work and functions that the owners of the horoscope do not succeed in. On the other hand, interaction with an opponent can cause a feeling of one’s own inferiority, which can form a feeling of envy and hostility towards one’s counterpart.

Most often, the 7th house of the horoscope is analyzed in order to understand questions of personal life. This house will characterize the potential marriage partner and the type of relationship with such partner. A kind, essentially strong and harmoniously aspected planet in the house of partnership will attract  good partners to individuals and set them up to create a prosperous relationship. For example, a strong Venus in the 7th house will tell about such qualities of a spouse as peacefulness, kindness, gentleness, sophistication and good breeding. The partner may also have financial talents, practicality, love creativity, or possess some kind of skill.

The characteristics of the 7th house are also important when drawing up a business horoscope, since business partners also walk through this house. A native with a strong 7th house can be open for cooperation and actively expand the list of their contacts. The latter is especially true when this house is influenced by an energetic planet (for example, Mars or Jupiter).

House value in compatibility analysis

One of the most common phenomena in synastry is the falling of the planets of one partner in the 7th house of the horoscope of the other partner. It is good for family life if good planets (Sun, Jupiter, Venus) are in the house of relationships in this way. For such marriages, relations of patronage and mutual assistance are characteristic. They have not only love, but also a desire for creativity, personal growth and experiment. Partners strive to find prosperity and through marriage to expand their opportunities in life.

The moon in the 7th house indicates mutual understanding in the union and the care of the spouses, as well as their desire to create comfortable conditions for each other in everyday life. There will be many changes in such a marriage. Due to emotional support in the family and an excellent ability to adapt to changing conditions, the union of such people has every chance of being durable.

Saturn entering the partnership house will communicate a relationship based on duty, and this is typical of business synastry.

Lilia Garipova


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