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Burnt Neptune in the natal chart

There are endless disputes about burned planets . Some astrologers consider this situation a serious defeat and misfortune of the native, others see a hidden potential that requires a special approach for realization. In fact, both are right, but the interpretation depends on the nuances of connection with the Sun : in front of it or behind it, or in the very heart. However, personal planets are much easier to manage than higher ones.

Neptune itself is a complex planet, blurring consciousness and plunging into illusions. It seems not such a big problem, but in fact it interferes with the right choice, and one mistake sometimes costs a lifetime. Burning exacerbates this effect, making it specific. A person becomes a swindler and an egoist because of an inadequate vision of the world, in which he is an eternal victim, and others are aggressors.

Features of the burning of Neptune

The holders of this position are initially selfish and aimed at gaining the desired benefits through the position of the sufferer. Even if everything becomes fine with them later, they are used to pretending to be poor sheep, but depending on the positions of other planets, under this skin there can be both wolf teeth and a fox grin.

Such people are very cunning, although they will never even admit it to themselves. They consider themselves victims of circumstances and the deceit of others, and their vision of this is also very specific.

For example, when they lie and dream instead of rehearsing, preparing for an exam, collecting documents for a visa, and other, more collected and thoughtful people get what they need instead of them, they project the pain of rejection and ruined plans onto the winners. In their reality, it is they who are offended and deprived, and not those who deservedly took what they wanted.

Such a position – to lie, dream and wonder why happiness floated by, is characteristic of the influence of the burned Neptune. It is very difficult to overcome it. It takes strong will and clear thinking. This is easier to do if Mercury, Saturn and even Venus are in earth signs, or the earth is the predominant element of the horoscope. The abundance of water nullifies any attempts to swim out of the illusions.

In addition, the native sins by imposing his distorted vision of reality on others. Such a husband will assure his wife that she does absolutely nothing around the house or has never cooked dinner for him, even if she eats it with appetite every day in a clean apartment. A woman with a burnt Neptune, after a personal quarrel with a colleague, will begin to convince others that she is a vile traitor plotting the collapse of the company. The most unpleasant thing is that they sincerely believe in this and may not have psychological disorders, but behave in a similar way in a certain flow of Neptunian energy.

Three types of burning Neptune

Another important feature is that the native easily manages to convince the world of the correctness of his inadequate assessment. It is good if he does this in creativity: literature, theater, cinema, photography, music and painting, and this does not harm anyone. But most often he uses this gift in the sphere of houses ruled by Neptune.

When it comes to relationships, he will easily brainwash family members that they are worthless and useless, even if in fact he does not provide them with anything other than stress, when it comes to finances, he will be up to his ears in loans and debts, creating the image of an exiled prince who has nothing you should not return everything with interest, but only after returning to the throne.

Of course, not every owner of a burned Neptune is a scammer and an unscrupulous egoist, but on occasion he will not miss his own, and it will look beautiful, as if justice has triumphed, and not the native gypsied what he wanted with the tears of an imaginary victim.

Much depends on the position of the planet:

1. Neptune burns in front of the Sun within 8 degrees, while the Neptunian degree is greater than the solar one. A person accepts his innate ability to distort reality and manipulate the consciousness of others through images. At the highest level of development, he becomes a poet or director, but is unlikely to make highly spiritual films. His work meets the needs of the audience, the goal is to benefit. In a terrible version, these are the creators of totalitarian sects, they inspire ideas that the crowd easily believes in and follows the imaginary guru. From the outside, it seems as if the native is creating a new religion, be it a sect, a firm, psychology, but in reality he pursues only personal gain.

2. The burning of Neptune occurs behind the Sun with a lower degree than that of the luminary. The native does not understand what is happening to him. He is his own enemy, a victim and an aggressor involuntarily for those close to him. A person lives in a distorted reality, in which he sincerely believes and it is impossible to convince him. It is full of fear, suspicion, self-pity. It seems to him that everyone is jealous of him and wants to harm him, although this is not at all the case.

3. Neptune burns up in the center of the Sun. Kazimi’s position. A person is aware of his hypnotic influence on people. He owns his gift of empathy and skillfully controls consciousness, most often from a position of help. These are excellent psychologists, narcologists, doctors, actors, writers, musicians and psychics. But at worst, the kings of scammers, who are very difficult to catch red-handed.

Sometimes the owners of a burned Neptune cannot change anything, because they do not see the problem, but only blame others for being biased.

Karmic reasons for the burning of Neptune

In a past life, the native persecuted people with other beliefs. He could ban theatrical performances and burn books, being a religious fanatic, or vice versa, he believed that representatives of other religions should be destroyed. He did not spare himself or others, he could betray loved ones for the sake of an idea in which he believed.

Now he has a chance to become a gifted priest or artist, if he gets rid of self-pity and becomes a sober and practical thinker by an effort of will. It is also necessary to abandon the Neptunian means of addiction: alcohol and smoking.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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