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Venus in the 10th house of the relocation chart

History knows many examples when, after moving to a certain city, a person became a star or the head of a corporation, although he had few chances in his homeland, while another, under the same conditions, on the contrary, fell down and could not break through to his dream. In part, this depends on which houses the planets are moving into, which are responsible for success, luck, public sympathy and money.

Venus is the planet of small happiness, it is responsible for the pleasure of life and love for one’s work, which, on the one hand, is combined with the symbolism of the 10th house and the MS (the Meridian of the Middle Sky passing through it), but on the other hand, the human value system is undergoing great changes, because here is the kingdom of Capricorn, where the planet of love and beauty is quite difficult to adapt.

Features of the transition of Venus to the 10th house of the relocation chart

It is important to remember that in the relocation chart , the degree and sign of the planets remain the same, but the house cusps move. Thus, it is necessary to analyze both the natal and location horoscope. If Venus moves into the 10th house out of 11 or 12, that is, in reverse motion, then the person feels a surge of strength, energy, and even looks younger. He wants to fulfill the dreams of his youth, to complete what he may not have done many years ago.

The transition from 8, 9 houses is more logical. The native is progressively moving towards the result of his labors, towards the first place on the podium, and this can really be the time when he puts on the winner’s laurel wreath for a long time.

However, in order to predict in advance how events will unfold, you need to take into account the goals and objectives laid down in the natal chart. The sector where Venus is located does not cease to be important for the native after the move, but creative and personal realization will go to the new house.

For example, the transition from the 11th to the 10th encourages the native to look for influential friends, but he no longer dissolves in a society of like-minded people, but becomes their leader, an example to follow, which in principle meets the most important dreams of such a person, but the movement of Venus from The 12th, on the one hand, also encourages the realization of secret plans and desires, but on the other hand, at first it is uncomfortable for a person to be visible, he may not be ready to take a status position.

It’s like suddenly pushing a shy poet to the center of the stage and giving him a microphone. The native may not be psychologically ready for responsibility, because Venus in the 12th house gets used to dreaming and living in castles in the air. However, if you understand these nuances in advance, there is an opportunity to prepare well for change.

But the carrier of natal Venus in the 8th house in life is accustomed to crises and the constant transformation of their views and events around. He will quickly get used to the changes, and moreover, he will provoke them himself, just like the owner of the planet of love in the natal 9th house, believing that no one except him is worthy to occupy a certain status and position.

Negative aspects bring many obstacles to the execution of plans, and most importantly, competitors, in the fight against which the native forges his own tables of rules for the winner.

Venus in the 10th house relocation and career charts

This position brings good luck to people associated with art, beauty, the topic of women’s health, both physical and mental. However, this does not mean that if a person is not a psychologist, gynecologist or artist, then the planet does not affect him. In a broad sense, Venus in the 10th house is responsible for the pleasure of one’s social status, activities and oneself in this role.

In the life of a native, the following scenarios are possible:

  • a new turn in his career, from which he will receive joy, increased self-esteem and material returns;
  • the beginning of a business to your liking, farewell to your previous work, especially if Uranus is in the 11th house;
  • increase in wages;
  • falling in love at work or friendship with a female boss, excellent relationships with colleagues.

However, it should be remembered that tense aspects contribute to the formation of these events. If there are quadratures, then on the contrary, problems and obstacles should be expected from female colleagues and leaders, and you will have to win back your favorite business with a fight.

Venus in the 10th house of the relocation chart, mother and mother-in-law

The tenth house is also responsible for relationships with significant women in the family. The planet of love and happiness here is a good sign that they can be improved. If before that there were some problems, lack of mutual understanding, conflicts based on different views on certain things, now it will be possible to agree and accept each other’s points of view.

Men also develop relationships with their mother-in-law. The tense aspects of Venus and the cusp of the 10th house, on the contrary, bring turmoil and exacerbation of previous problems.

The Negative Influence of Venus in the 10th House of the Relocation Chart

At a low level of development, the native is only interested in personal gain. A man can seduce a boss or a superior colleague, falsely flatter women at work, just to get some advantage for himself.

A girl with Venus in the 10th house of the relocation map acts in a similar way, but in relation to a male leader, and other employees, she may begin to harass her with gossip or ostentatious dominance over them.

There is a desire for superiority, a desire to outshine others with external brilliance, which of course does not contribute to a warm atmosphere.

At home, such people become energy vampires, annoy others with tantrums and complaints, if they have not realized themselves in a career.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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