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Venus in the 12th house of the relocation chart

As a rule, moving is associated with the search for a better life, but it can also be forced. Sometimes a person even chooses from several options and is afraid to make a mistake: to leave for a place where everything will become even more difficult. For this, there is a relocation chart, which helps to see in advance how events will unfold. This will be shown by the planets moving into other houses of the horoscope.

Venus , the planet of love, softens the action of the 12th house of isolation and loneliness, helps a person look into his inner world and finally appreciate it away from the requirements of society, but much will depend on how much the native himself corresponds to Neptunian energies. They will raise one to the sky, they will simply drown the other.

Features of the transition of Venus to the 12th house of the relocation chart

As well as the 8th house, the 12th sector is considered complex, mystical and crisis. Here the symbolic ruler is Neptune. On the one hand, he favors Venus, including her highest qualities: Christian love-service, creative talents, a subtle vision of the world of art, on the other hand, a simple average person does not particularly need these spiritual riches, and they are not familiar.

If the native is initially sacrificial and dependent on stronger personalities, he will completely lose the ground under his feet and will float wherever he is told by the will of circumstances.

Much also depends on the position of Venus in the natal chart. Karmic tasks and a system of values, close to the native, smoothly passes into the department of the 12th house, and there is either magic, or despondency and impotence.

Venus moves into the 12th house of the relocation chart most often from the nearest 10, 11, and 1, 2 houses, on the example of which one can see how the goals and objectives of the card holder are refracted.

In the first case, when the movement comes from the 10th or 9th house, it is difficult for the native to adapt to new emotions and realities. He used to have in the first place the desire for victory, honors, awards, the desire to promote himself and be proud of the laurel wreath on his head. Now he is no longer pleased with the advantages of a prestigious position, material comforts, he will want love, tenderness and care, but he himself is not used to showing them. This results in sadness, sadness and even depression.

However, for creative people, as well as doctors of any specialty, psychologists, veterinarians, sailors, photographers, such a movement, on the contrary, promises recognition of merit, fame and many interesting projects. It will be much more difficult for the owners of Venus in Virgo and Capricorn who are not used to sentimentality and open expression of feelings.

The transition from 1st house to 12th partly brings similar events, but besides this, the external attractiveness of the native fades a little. He himself wants to be liked due to the qualities of the soul, and not the beauty of the face and clothes. Some passivity appears in communication with the opposite sex, carelessness of appearance, indifference to the dress code and compliments. A person avoids communication with empty and pompous people, shows interest in those who live in spiritual values and do not think about material things.

This is also characteristic of the owners of Venus in the 11th house of natal. They are already accustomed to merge with the team, so if they find their flock, for example, who are passionate about esotericism, art, medicine, energy practices, they will be happy, especially since they do not have the desire to be a leader like those whose Venus is in 1, 10, 9 houses, so for them the transition will not be a drastic change.

Venus in the 12th house relocation charts and personal relationships

Even with a harmonious planet, the native feels a vague anxiety associated with the emotions of love and friendship. The sense of security disappears. It seems to him that if he openly expresses his affection or takes care of someone, then this will attract envy or something bad.

A direct relationship arises in the soul – to love means to sacrifice something for the sake of a dear person. This is especially true for women. Sometimes in the girl’s relocation map, this initially shows that she is moving for the sake of another person, and she herself would like a completely different life.

If there are negative aspects, then the native begins to doubt his external attractiveness or completely concentrates on something else: caring for children, serving the world in his favorite business, forgetting to take care of himself.

It happens that sex leaves the system of values, from which the other half of the native suffers, or his future personal life is not able to take place in principle. This is what happens when you are addicted to religious and spiritual practices.

Venus in the 12th house relocation charts, problems and illnesses

Traditionally, the 12th house is associated with forced isolation, which is often interpreted as being in a hospital, prison or monastery. If a person lives the energies of Venus and Neptune on the highest floor, is engaged in creativity, charity, generously gives his love to the world and is not in a sacrificially dependent relationship where things that are important to him are devalued, then you should not be afraid of isolation and physical ailments.

With a negative aspect and increased anxiety, it is really better for women to visit a gynecologist regularly, since there is a possibility of problems with female organs.

In men leading a bohemian lifestyle, sexually transmitted diseases are not ruled out. There is also the possibility of becoming addicted to alcohol.

In the presence of squares of Venus and the 12th house in general, one should be wary of meanness on the part of beautiful women and effeminate men.

When in opposition with the 6th house in the relocation chart, beautiful large animals such as horses, deer, cows should be handled with care.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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