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Venus in the 2nd house of the relocation chart

Nowadays, you can not only move to anywhere in the world, but also easily look into the future: see how life will turn out there. The relocation chart will help with this , in which you can clearly see which houses the planets are moving into, triggering a change in the emphasis of emotional reactions and actual events. Venus, as a reflection of the native’s value system, plays a leading role here, especially if it is affected by negative aspects, and a person will have to choose in which particular area to work it out.

2nd house is a place of energy resources and values that are emotionally close to the owner of the card. Venus will further emphasize their significance, and perhaps it will block all other, more spiritual aspirations, or help achieve material success, especially if this was not possible before.

Features of the transition of Venus to the 2nd house of the relocation chart

It is advisable to analyze the horoscope of moving along with the natal chart, because the tasks prescribed in it are not canceled by relocation, but on the contrary, it adds color to the picture of the life of the native, and he has to fulfill them in new circumstances. If they play into the hands of the Venusian principles, then everything will go like clockwork, but if not, you will have to fight back your own.

It is for the location Venus that it is better when she moves counterclockwise into the house of moving, because this portends a spring of desires and opportunities. The native seems to be getting younger before our eyes, the enthusiasm and freshness of youth appear in him, and if he is already not in years, then the taste for life and the energy of external attractiveness intensify.

Clockwise movement, on the contrary, leads to a change in life orientations and beliefs, and also there is a desire to beautifully match one’s age, and not to be younger.

Most often, Venus moves into the 2nd house of relocation from the nearest 1st or 3rd houses, although other options are possible.

In the first case, this is a fairly natural process, when a person who realizes his value and uniqueness begins to earn good money.

Perhaps the move is just connected with a new place of work or the search for a resource place for oneself: better conditions for life, for presenting oneself to the world, where there are a lot of interesting places and ways for self-expression.

A person with such a locational position of the planet of love will be cramped in a small town or village, unless Venus is in Pisces or Cancer. Here, indeed, a paradise in a hut with little things dear to the heart will be a priority, but for fiery and earthly signs, diamonds and money will be the best friends and a resource of inspiration.

When moving from the 3rd house of the natal chart, the native begins to understand that his environment will become a springboard to success and begins to carefully choose his social circle, sometimes excluding old friends from it.

You can earn good money by owning information, working in the media, in private schools. The transition from the 4th house promises success in working with real estate and good money in freelancing, from the 5th – income from love affairs, when suitors fill up with gifts and promote to good positions. The defeat of Venus brings a lot of disappointment in all these topics.

Venus in 2nd house relocation and wealth charts

If the planet is well aspected, then the native’s dreams of a luxurious sweet life may well come true. It is important to see which house Venus rules in the relocation chart. It is from him that income and support will come, for example, if it is the 7th – partnership and marriage, the 8th – other people’s resources, that is, in fact, after an alliance with someone, a person gets richer and gets the opportunity to fulfill his dreams.

With Venus in the 2nd house of the relocation chart, a person loves luxury, but does not want to work too hard for it. To make great efforts, to withstand the physical load should be someone else, but not the owner of the card.

Under certain indicators, this can also be the reason for the lack of money. For example, Venus in Capricorn and Scorpio is shown a busy work schedule, managing a large enterprise, and for some reason the native sits in the shadows, is afraid that he will not cope, is not worthy of a high position. Because of this, blocking of finances occurs, especially if Jupiter is also struck.

However, Venus in Taurus, Leo, Pisces, on the contrary, should relax and enjoy life, delicious food, shopping, sex, and then the money will go to her from various sources.

The negative influence of Venus in the 2nd house of the relocation map

At a low level of development, the native is tuned exclusively to the material. For the sake of money, he is ready for anything. If before the move this line of worldview was hidden somewhere deep, now it is she who forms his social mask.

A person will obsessively demonstrate all his wealth, especially that in which he excels others. If he has a collection of expensive watches or jewelry, he will constantly draw attention to them or talk about a newly bought apartment, inspired by the fact that the interlocutor does not have one.

A certain fetish for such a person becomes his own body, he constantly improves it in a fitness club, decorates it, spends it on expensive food, and all this would be nothing if it were not at the forefront to the detriment of the needs of other family members.

With the negative aspects of Venus, it is difficult for the owner of the card to earn a living, dreams are broken into everyday life, he is angry that he has to work long and hard, which certainly affects other areas of life.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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