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Venus in the 3rd house of the relocation chart

The moving map shows where the main semantic and eventual accents of a person’s life are shifting. They are represented by planets that remain in the same degrees and signs, but move to other houses. Accordingly, it becomes clear through what areas the native will express himself, how to earn money, think, who will fill his social circle. Venus is connected with all of the above by influencing the very system of human values. It shows what is really important for the cardholder, what moves him forward.

Her transition to the 3rd house of the relocation map will affect communication, speech, behavior and relationships with relatives. If the planet is harmonious, then the native will fly up to Olympus thanks to the revealed eloquence, charm and newly formed business and friendly ties. But the negative aspects, on the contrary, make it difficult to move up.

Features of the transition of Venus to the 3rd house of the relocation chart

With the introduction of new geographical data of the place where the native is going to live, the house cusps shift and the planets move to other event lines. It is very important to track exactly where they stood in natal, because the tasks fixed at the time of a person’s birth remain the same, but they will have to be fulfilled through other topics and areas that are unusual for a person, and it’s good if the sign of the planet harmoniously fits into the new house.

If this sector was empty, the native has the feeling of a student who was first sent on an independent voyage.

It is for Venus that a person’s move to the west is favorable, when the arrows of houses move in the opposite direction, which creates a certain spirit of adventurism, youth, a desire to build a new life, and even outwardly the native blossoms.

Most often, Venus moves into the 3rd house of the relocation chart from the nearest 1, 2, and also 4, 5 houses, although other options are also possible.

In the first case, a person becomes a link for relatives, classmates and neighbors. With his appearance, they begin to communicate more with each other, or he purposefully creates some kind of society, a club of interests, but if there are negative aspects, he himself becomes a topic for curious conversations. Gossip about him becomes a kind of hobby of others, and a confrontation between him and society turns out.

In a good option, it is possible to purchase your apartment with the help of relatives, or the very purpose of the move is living together with brothers, sisters, in a hostel – moving from 2 or 4 houses, finding a favorite business with many business trips and travels – moving from 5 or 6 houses.

With favorable aspects, this is an excellent position for bloggers, freelancers, public figures whose work is related to information. Tense aspects, on the contrary, bring gossip, deceit, duplicity, from which the reputation of the native suffers.

Venus in the 3rd house relocation charts and social circle

With a good aspect, the native can be sure that beautiful, elegantly speaking people with a fairly high level of culture will come to his field, and the place of residence itself will most likely be near theaters, banks, botanical parks in a safe area.

If this does not happen automatically, you need to look for an apartment in a place where there are many cultural attractions and everything that is mentioned above. This will further strengthen Venus.

Men with a planet of love in the 3rd house of the relocation map can be glad that there will be many beautiful, artistic women in their environment, and the girls will have girlfriends. The position is very good for those who work in the information business for women, and whose target audience is predominantly the fair sex.

However, with negative aspects, such women can cause a lot of trouble – to beat off a loved one or compromise a man in front of his wife.

Venus in the 3rd house relocation charts and work

If a person is supposed to travel at a new place of work, then they will be as comfortable as possible and they will be well paid, therefore, if one of the values of the native is travel, he has hit the mark with the move. In addition, it is in such short-term trips that there is a chance to find love.

At the same time, it is still better if business trips are not related to another country, and a person travels to nearby cities.

Venus will help to establish warm and mutually beneficial relationships among colleagues. It is also possible that the native will work together with brothers or sisters.

This is a good position for journalists, speech therapists, artists, salespeople, copywriters, marketers, writers, teachers. The native awakens the gift of oratory and the desire to speak in public.

The negative influence of Venus in the 3rd house of the relocation chart

At a low level of development, the native talks too much about his person, ignoring the interlocutor. He is not interested in information about the life of his counterpart, because he is the main person at any party, meeting or forum.

It is very difficult to communicate with such people, they interrupt, digress from the topic of conversation and just completely sincerely believe that only the topic related to his interests matters.

With a negative aspect, the native will face deceit and fraud. You should not leave unfamiliar guests alone in the apartment for a long time, share your innermost dreams with colleagues. If Venus is afflicted with many bad aspects, the person will be forced to change his views after some trials.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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