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Venus in the 6th house of the relocation chart

By compiling a moving horoscope with new geographical coordinates, you can see how much the worldview will change, and especially the event line of life. The planets end up in other houses, which means that a person will act, feel and make decisions differently than before.

Venus is a symbol of good luck in love, finances, women’s health, but it is also responsible for the taste for life, self-esteem, self-confidence and friendliness of others towards the native, which is a direct reflection of his inner state. Moving into the 6th house , it contributes to falling in love with work, the native enjoys even small routine matters, he is lucky to have good doctors and friendly pets, however, it is important to understand that the degree of luck depends on the aspects and sign of Venus: a position in exile will not give that ease that she has in the monastery.

Features of the transition of Venus to the 6th house of the relocation chart

In a location horoscope, only house cusps move. The planets themselves continue to stand in the same degrees and signs. Thus, their functions will manifest themselves in new event scenarios, but the declared right to success at birth will not go anywhere. Both houses will operate, but very often the tasks of the natal native himself will begin to perform through a new location.

Most often, Venus moves into the 6th house of the relocation chart from the 4, 5 and 7, 8 closest to it. There are other options for the transition, so it is important to synthesize the data of natal and relocation.

The movement of the planet of love from the 4th house to the 6th symbolizes the desire of the native to leave the cozy nest and go to work. Real estate buyers and sellers will be especially lucky as they hit the bull’s-eye in all Venus values, but interior designers, architects, furniture and home goods sellers will also be lucky.

A native with Venus in the 5th natal sector will have to be surprised how much he will become more efficient, more serious and responsible. It is possible that the reason for this will be love for a colleague or boss, but the business itself will begin to bring pleasure.

It is good to work here in gaming parlors, restaurants, entertainment and shopping centers, on and around the stage, massage and health salons.

The transition from the 7th natal house to the 6th will bring good luck in consulting activities. By working with people and helping them solve their problems, the native will feel valued and needed.

The movement from the 8th to the 6th promises success in managing large financial flows, conditionally other people’s money, as well as income from astrology and any esoteric direction.

It must be understood that any tense aspects bring difficulties to all the areas described above.

Venus in the 6th house relocation charts and work

This position promises the native to stay in a very beautiful and comfortable place of work. It is convenient and pleasant for a person to be in the room, and clients come to him well-mannered and attractive in appearance.

However, if Venus is in the signs of the earth, cooperation will be mutually beneficial, you should not count on concessions from colleagues and clients, unlike Venus in the signs of water and air.

It’s more difficult with fire – the planet of love in the signs of Leo and Sagittarius attracts high patrons, the boss likes the native, but subordinates or colleagues may envy, but Venus in Aries is often so eager for leadership that it makes enemies out of the blue. These are secret spiteful critics, or open competitors. Most likely, the native noticed the lack of balance and measure also in the sphere of affairs of the natal house.

In general, it is most difficult for fire signs to adapt to serving in the 6th house, because they are used to sitting on the throne, and here you need to get down from it and roll up your sleeves. If you understand this and turn off arrogance, everything will work out.

Venus in the 6th house relocation and health charts

Theoretically, this position will bring an increase in personal energy, new hobbies, a transition to a healthy lifestyle, as well as good luck in all medical procedures. The native intuitively chooses a doctor who sincerely tries to help. For any problems, it is good to come to a massage or spa to relieve tension.

However, it is very important to understand that tense aspects, and especially if they connect Venus with malefic planets: Mars, Saturn, Pluto, on the contrary, contribute to unexpected and unpleasant turns in cosmetology and treatment. It is necessary to carefully select a doctor, and also not to do any procedures on intense transits in personal prognosis. Especially dangerous are squares and oppositions with Pluto and Mars, or if there are any between the rulers of the 6th and 8th houses. In this case, it is better to avoid plastic surgery.

The negative influence of Venus in the 6th house of the relocation chart

At a low level of development, a person becomes a workaholic and a fan of a healthy lifestyle, but he does this out of fear of losing his job and health. Anxiety lives inside him, a feeling that everything is wrong with him. Any dissatisfied glance of the boss hurts self-esteem, and the native waits with horror for dismissal.

An office romance, in the presence of negative aspects, will become an Achilles’ heel, a reason for gossip or loss of reputation, from which self-esteem will again suffer. Instead of enjoying work, a person spends his life energy on experiencing hypothetically possible troubles.

As a compensator, it is important to always come to work beautifully dressed, improve your rhetoric, and also get a luxurious thoroughbred cat, however, taking him from a shelter will be doubly useful according to the symbolism of the 6th house.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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