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Venus in the 7th house of the relocation chart

The moving horoscope shifts many of the accents of the natal chart into completely unfamiliar areas. Sometimes it brings great luck, which the native could not even dream of before, but sometimes it brings negativity along with tense aspects to where it could not be. That is why it is important to draw up a relocation chart in advance and calculate the risks, especially when there is a choice between two or three cities, and, accordingly, the planets will end up in different houses.

If Venus moved into the 7th house , then one who is engaged in consulting activities of any nature can be considered lucky. This brings a successful partnership, ranging from official marriage to business agreements, and even competitors will be very loyal and will not stoop to sabotage. The picture will be spoiled only by negative aspects, which will cause constant rivalry in the above areas.

Features of the transition of Venus to the 7th house of the relocation chart

If the horoscope is compiled correctly, and the time is translated according to Greenwich Mean Time at the time of birth, then the planet should remain in the same degrees and in the same sign, but the house will become different. The cusps move both in one direction and in the other, and the farther the native leaves, the greater the distance from the natal house to the local one.

Most often, Venus moves into the 7th sector of the relocation chart from the nearest 5th, 6th and 8th, 9th, however, everything is possible, just these options are the most common.

In the 7th house, the planet of love is good and comfortable, because symbolically this place is under the auspices of the friendly sign of Libra. Here she is focused on relationships in which she feels needed. True, one should not forget that the tasks of the natal chart also remain with the native, only he will solve them through a partnership of any nature.

If Venus moves into the 7th house from the 5th, all creative and bright personalities, as well as those with whom the native falls in love, will become karmic teachers for the owner of the card. They will show how important it is not to lose their uniqueness in relationships, and not completely dissolving in a partner, nevertheless, to be in union and develop.

The transition from 6th to 7th speaks more about the need for business partnerships for successful activities. You won’t be able to move forward here alone. The native needs to build his own team, and also strive to communicate more, make new useful acquaintances at work. Perhaps some of them will end in marriage.

If Venus moves into the 7th house of location from the 8th, crises and stresses turn into relationships. The native becomes interested in very rich partners, those with whom you can experience the intensity of passions and adventures, unusual and mysterious. In terms of financial interests, it is also worth doing consultations of any plan, but Venus will most clearly show itself in the chart of managers, brokers, bank managers, as well as esotericists and astrologers.

Moving from the 9th to the 7th is good for lawyers, diplomats, anyone in the field. international relations and politics. This often portends relationships or partnerships with foreigners.

Venus in 7th house relocation and marriage charts

This position of the planet enhances the native’s intuition about other people. He begins to feel their inner state, their value system, thanks to which he can adapt and please anyone.

This is a very good position not only for consultations, but also for the charm of a potential candidate for a spouse. However, there is also a danger of merging with the system of values and beliefs of another person, losing yourself.

It will be especially difficult for the owners of water Venus in conjunction with one of the lunar nodes. Karmic partners come to them, and until they go through the lessons together to be needed by each other, but not to deprive the life partner of personal individuality and the right to have what he considers valuable for himself, they can suffer and suffer, defending their interests, so it is very important to include intuition and immediately choose a person who is close in values. Venus is exactly about this, and it’s not just about mutual sympathy in terms of external attractiveness.

However, partners will like beautiful, gracefully built, feminine, even if they are men. Girls look at handsome men with a youthful-sugary appearance, even if they were previously drawn to brutal machos, although if the ruler of the 7th house is Mars, then there will be some softening of the partner’s tough image, and vice versa, they will love normal men without distortions in abuse.

The representatives of the stronger sex, on the contrary, are attracted to women with shapes and long hair, although the sign of Venus in a man has a sign of Venus on the image of the desired lover.

The negative influence of Venus in the 7th house of relocation

If a person is not developed spiritually, or if the planet has many negative aspects, disappointments and relationship problems can be expected. The native’s expectations are not justified.

He is often fascinated, puts a fictitious image on a real person, imagining that he will change and share his values, but does not notice that he has them completely different, and in general this is not the one he needs.

This is especially exacerbated by a square or opposition to Neptune and a conjunction to Saturn. Men subconsciously consider beautiful women a source of danger, which is superimposed on internal complexes and increases mental imbalance.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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