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Planets in the horoscope

The planets in the horoscope (natal birth chart), represent an individual source of information about each person, are the most important indicators reflecting inclinations, temperament and personality traits. There are several levels of manifestation of the influence of celestial bodies: intellectual, physical and emotional. The principles inherent in this or that planet, to some extent, are inherent in each of us. The essence of one of the main activities of an astrologer is to determine the nature of their impact on specific people.

Each planet carries information about a certain facet of the Personality: the
Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Chiron form personal manifestations of character.
Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Proserpine define the common (collective) character traits of entire generations.
Lunar Nodes: Ascending (Rahu) and Descending (Ketu), Selena and Lilith – karmic points, establish a causal relationship between the past and the future.

Planet Sign Function
Sun Self-awareness, position in life, spirit
Moon Perception, emotions and inner world, soul
Mars Action, will, deeds
Mercury Analysis, intelligence, interactions and contacts
Jupiter Development, public interest, social aspirations
Venus Desires, feelings, love
Saturn Control, endurance, restrictions, law
Uranium unpredictability, reformism, originality, intuition
Neptune deep subconscious processes, faith, fantasies
Pluto power, elemental forces, collective will, transformation
Chiron duality
Lilith measure of evil left over from a past life, interaction with him in the present and future
Selena measure of goodness left over from a past life, interaction with him in the present and future
Proserpine ]·[ quantitative changes that carry irreversible qualitative transformations
Ascending node (Rahu) indicates that a person must develop in himself, a spiritual path
Descending node (Ketu) what is given initially, what you can rely on, innate qualities

The sign of the Zodiac in which this or that planet is located gives it the appropriate color and changes the quality and strength of the planet .

Aries – carries activity, fervor, impulsivity;
Taurus – strength and practicality;
Gemini – lightness and mobility;
Cancer – sincerity and vulnerability;
Leo – brightness, self-significance;
Virgo – corrosive and rational;
Libra – detachment, peacefulness;
Scorpio – psychologism and gloominess;
Sagittarius – sociality, expansion;
Capricorn – asceticism, constriction, crystallization;
Aquarius – surprise, originality, eccentricity;
Pisces – depth and mystery.

Both planets and zodiac signs form planetary traits that simultaneously include both the best and the worst manifestations.

Houses indicate certain areas of experience in which the energies of the planets and signs operate.

Aspects show how different dimensions of experience are integrated in a person.

These factors are combined as follows: a specific dimension of experience (indicated by a specific planet) will invariably be colored by the quality of the sign in which this planet is located in the chart of a person. This combination results in a certain urge for self-expression and a certain need for fulfillment. A person will directly encounter this dimension of life in the realm of experience indicated by the position of the planet in the home. And although this urge to express and implement a given dimension of experience will be present in every person who has a certain combination of planet-sign, aspects to this planet will show how easily and harmoniously a person can express this urge or fulfill this need.

Each planetary principle can be expressed positively and creatively or negatively and self-destructively. It is necessary to analyze the aspects to each specific planet in order to understand the degree of harmony or dissonance in a given person.


sun_lev_geocult-1The sun is the ruler of the sign Leo . It symbolizes high activity, vitality, personal individuality and creativity. In astrology, this luminary is traditionally associated with health, leadership qualities, self-determination, the desire for knowledge and human dignity.

Intellectual level: spiritual orientation, genuine enthusiasm, independent decision-making, a bright mind, a propensity for active self-expression, a creative component, a bright personality.

Physical level: restoration of strength, vitality, good health, general characteristics of energy, cardiovascular system. For males, the Sun symbolizes the right side of the body, and for women, the left.

Emotional level: pronounced inclinations of a leader, thirst for recognition and glory, genuine self-esteem, striving for an honorable position in society, a sense of personal superiority, selfish inclinations.

Leos are the rulers of the Sun, they can attract the energy of the main luminary for creative deeds. To do this, Leos need to concentrate the right people around them, and they themselves must always be in the spotlight.


luna_ribi_geocult-1The moon protects the sign Cancer . The sphere of control of this luminary includes innate instincts, intuitive beginning, peculiarities of memorizing information and various emotional experiences. It symbolizes human desires, attitude towards offspring, the need for vivid sensations, reflex reactions and the cyclical nature of the functioning of internal organs.

Intellectual level: unconscious mental processes, spiritual component, memory properties, stable behavioral features.

Physical level: hormone production, gastrointestinal tract, lymphatic system, organs of vision, digestion and assimilation of food, behavioral responses. In women it means the right side of the body, and in men it is the left.

Emotional level: rich imagination, inner instinct, high sensitivity, changeable mood, moodiness, lack of determination, developed intuition, vulnerability, tendency to despondency, emotional and sensual sphere of personality.


mercury_strelec_geocult-1It simultaneously rules over two signs – Gemini and Virgo . Many planets in the natal chart have some influence on the intellectual characteristics of a person, but the leading role belongs to Mercury. This celestial body is directly related to all types of communication, flexible thinking, techniques, short-distance travel, mediation, speech functions and factual data.

Intellectual level: quick learning, all-round giftedness, enviable insight, ingenuity of the mind, thought processes, oratorical talent, judgment, the ability to correctly understand the essence of things, good intelligence.

Physical level: active gestures, muscle flexibility, respiratory organs, intestines, nervous system, agility, speech apparatus, amazing dexterity, articulate pronunciation.

Emotional level: high lability, curiosity, nervousness, inclination to adapt, the ability to resort to deception, cunning.


venera_telec_geocult-1Venus rules over such signs of the zodiacal circle as Taurus and Libra. This planet is intimately connected with the emotional component of the personality. It has the greatest impact on behavior in friendships, partnerships, romantic and family relationships. In addition, Venus traditionally personifies the arts, all kinds of pleasures, moral values, social status, bodily sensations and hobbies.

If Libra and Taurus want to attract the energy of Venus to their side, they need to develop qualities such as love for art, beauty, and spiritual development.

Intellectual level: strong Venus endows people with an inextricable link between mental activity and the emotional-sensory sphere.

Physical level: grace, money, circulatory system, material goods, muscle tone, rest and relaxation, lumbar spine, sophistication, physical beauty, jewelry.

Emotional level: love of aesthetics, gentleness, tenderness, enjoyment of life, great taste, inclination to laziness, calm joy, contentment and pacification sensitivity.


mars_oven_geocult-1Currently, Mars is known as the patron saint of the sign Aries, but before the discovery of Pluto, it was also considered the ruler of Scorpio. This planet symbolizes an aggressive, active and dynamic beginning. Its sphere of influence includes relationships between males, wrestling, power, construction of buildings and structures, competition, self-affirmation and sexual energy.

In order to use the beneficial influence of the patron planet, Aries needs to train in themselves fortitude, determination and confidence.

Intellectual level: quick decision-making, high activity, activity, propensity to show initiative, fast thinking.

Physical level: inflammatory processes, innovative actions, exhaustion of the body, unexpected diseases, dangerous situations, support for undertakings, male genitals, injury, thermal burns, physical strength, surgery.

Emotional level: powerful energy, masculinity, assertiveness, resentment, increased aggressiveness, irritability, courage, frequent outbursts of anger.


jupiter_geocult-1Jupiter has long been the recognized ruler of the sign of Sagittarius, but earlier astrologers were inclined to consider it the patron saint of Pisces. This planet symbolizes confident development in the spiritual, cultural and social spheres. Jupiter, known for its liberality, bestows wealth, long travel, a dignified position in society, many joys, prosperity, rapid career growth and generosity.

Intellectual level: luck, thirst for honor, true faith, unquenchable hope, optimistic outlook on life, strong convictions, vanity, success in various endeavors.

Physical level: hips and pelvis, metabolism, body fat accumulation, olfactory organs, liver, enlargement, tendency to be overweight, bulky, over-eating, extensive development.

Emotional level: generosity, benevolence, sincerity and frankness, confidence in their strengths and capabilities.


saturn_4dom_geocult-1This planet is the traditional patron saint of the Capricorn sign and the former ruler of Aquarius . Saturn represents all kinds of limitations, responsibilities, obstacles and the passage of time. The celestial body, which is the model of consistency, symbolizes endurance, longevity, conservative views, professionalism, stability and hard work.

Intellectual level: unconditional discipline, specificity and clarity, brevity and laconism, linearity, consistency, mathematical mindset, wisdom, responsible attitude to business, consistent thinking, rigor.

Physical level: the occurrence of difficulties, deficiency, inhibitions and restrictions, drought, crystallization, hearing organs, bone fractures, low temperature, joint problems, the aging process.

Emotional level: vigilance, endurance and patience, maximum caution, inflexibility, adherence to principles, manifestations of severity, a tendency to an ascetic lifestyle.



mars_uran_geocult-1This planet patronizes the signs of Aquarius and Capricorn. It has long symbolized independent thinking, free speech, extreme situations and eccentricity. Uranus, prone to unpredictability and identity, rules over sudden change, inventions, magic, psychology, reform activities, and electricity.

Intellectual level: abnormal phenomena, irrationality, scientific discoveries, non-standard thinking, new theories, originality of judgments, detachment from the surrounding reality, lack of consistency.

Physical level: ankle joint, unexpected disorders, involuntary muscle contractions, abrupt changes, stress loads, chronic diseases of the nervous system.

Emotional level: the presence of some oddities, increased irritability, independent decision-making, a tendency to show an arrogant attitude, eccentric behavior.


sun_neptun_geocult-1This planet is the patron saint of Pisces and Sagittarius. Neptune personifies concepts such as mystery, mercy, mysticism, loneliness, disappointment, empathy and mystery. Neptune, the most obscure and indeterminate object present in the natal chart, rules over illusions, manic tendencies, obsessions, addictions, fantasies, phobias and fears. In addition, large and small bodies of water, cinematography, hospitals, magic rituals, religious movements, the theater industry and prisons are subject to its influence.

Intellectual level: abstraction, arts, spiritual development, idealism, daydreaming, unquenchable inspiration, creative talents, sophistication, espionage.

Physical level: intoxication, disguise, lethargic sleep, careless movements, unclear symptomatic picture, feeling of weakness, food poisoning, degradation process, mental disorders, somnambulism.

Emotional level: alcohol and drug addiction, mental suffering, atonement for sins, sacrifice, split personality, vagueness, a tendency to deception, a state of uncertainty, creative ecstasy.


sun_pluton_geocult-1This planet is the ruler of Scorpio and Aries. According to the canons of ancient mythology, Pluto is the god of the afterlife and the underworld. In astrology, it is also directly related to the birth of a person into the world and death. In addition, the planet is subject to powers, collective problems, uncontrollable impulses, hidden processes and secret plans. Pluto traditionally symbolizes destructiveness, powerful sexual energy, irreversible transformation, kidnapping and espionage, radiation and rehabilitation.

Intellectual level: analytical mind, astonishing insight, insight into complex phenomena and interconnections.

Physical level: benign and malignant formations, blood poisoning, infectious diseases, cell regeneration, metabolism, tissue renewal, organs of the reproductive system, acute ailments, endocrine system.

Emotional level: cruelty and lack of pity, unmet needs, increased suspicion and paranoid mood, a tendency to fanaticism.


The planets in the natal chart are the main objects that have the most powerful influence on the character of a person and the life path. Nevertheless, there are other important indicators that can provide additional information to a knowledgeable and skillful astrologer.

These include asteroids, the most famous of which are Vesta, Cupid, Pallas and Ceres. Vesta manages duty, life purpose and mission. Cupid symbolizes marriage, collective formations and partnerships. Pallas tend to influence to some extent the sources of inspiration and creative ideas of a person. Ceres characterizes business qualities, working methods and the scope of professional implementation.

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