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Aventurine – the magical properties of the stone

Aventurine is a type of quartz with bright patches of mica or other minerals that give the stone a beautiful sparkling iridescent effect. This is especially noticeable on well-polished translucent stones. The main color of aventurine is green, but there are also yellow, orange, blue and red varieties.

Aventurine quartz can be found in many places on our planet. The main deposits are located in Brazil, Chile, India, Spain, Tanzania and Russia.

Healing and magical properties of the stone

AventurineGreen Avanyurine is associated with the heart chakra, and will help in the area of ​​love relationships. It is also known as a stone that brings good luck, prosperity and wealth. The energy of Aventurine drowns out old patterns and limitations, thus opening up new perspectives, optimism and development. This stone brings zest for life, allowing you to move forward and embrace change easily. It enhances motivation and creativity, gives persistence in overcoming life's difficulties. Strengthens your determination and improves your leadership skills by opening up to other people's ideas.

The meta-physical energy of Aventurine has a strong connection at a subtle level with the plant world and therefore is often used in meditation and in establishing a connection with plants. The vibrations of this stone have a calming effect on the brain and body. This is an excellent stone for landscape design and interior design, although not everyone can afford it, but usually artificial Aventurine is used for this.

Lithotherapy (Mineral therapy)

Green Aventurine supports the heart and improves circulation. It stimulates the inner vitality, which in turn generates activity and movement, aiding rapid regeneration. This can provide additional impetus, in efforts to lower cholesterol levels, and in the prevention of heart attack and atherosclerosis.

The calming energy of Aventurine balances the emotional state and leads to inner harmony. Soothes irritation, nervousness and anger, and helps reduce the daily stress of urban lifestyle. Aventurine is good for healing emotional wounds as well as helping to release unhealthy relationships.

Aventurine - the magical properties of the stone

Who is Aventurine suitable for?

First of all, Aventurine is a stone for those who were born under the sign of Virgo and Libra . This sun stone has absorbed the energy of the earth, and willingly shares it with its owners. It is also well suited for people born under the elements of Earth and Water: Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo, and Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer.


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