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Virgo stones

The sixth sign of the zodiac is valid from August 24 to September 23. It is ruled by Mercury. Natural element – Earth.

The wards of the intellectual Mercury seem to be born to learn. They are able to assimilate an incredible amount of information, mentally process it and organize it. Science is the element of Virgo. However, in any field of activity, they strive for the best results.

Women of the sign have an attractive power. As a rule, they are gifted with beauty, have an even, calm character. Virgo's external coldness sometimes puzzles her partner. For a while, he may leave, but, most likely, he will return again. After all, Virgo is an impeccable wife, mother and mistress. She often becomes the leader in the family.

Virgo men conquer their beloved not so much with a passionate onslaught, as with tenderness and delicacy. They have a strongly developed sense of duty to household members. The representative of the sign is a caring father, an agreeable husband. He tries to provide for his family. But all this is subject to reciprocal attention. Treason or indifference radically change his character for the worse.

When choosing amulets, stones of talismans, Virgo needs to be guided not so much by the traditions of magic as by common sense and realities of life.
Virgo stones

Talisman stones for Virgos

Natural minerals must match the situation, image and color of the Virgo's clothing. Too bright shine of some gems and gloomy coloring of others are equally alien to the nature of the sign. Amulets should be distributed according to the seasons: light stones are suitable for summer; for winter – red and blue; for autumn and spring – orange, green.

Astrologers recommend an extensive collection of amulets, consisting of one and a half to two dozen minerals.


Sharpens the senses. Gives cheerfulness, cheerful mood and clear thinking. Embodies the beauty of love. Read more about Aventurine .

Pearls (yellow, pink)

Calms. Softens the harshness and dryness of Virgo's manners. Brings financial well-being. But pearls are useful only for strong personalities – they suppress the weak.


Indecisive Virgo will not hurt a healthy passion. A bit of recklessness hidden in the magic of jade is conducive to business success. Along with this, the mineral has a variety of healing properties.


Compensates for the lack of vitality. Protects against stress and depression. Read more about Onyx .

Eye of the Tiger

Heals from unreasonable jealousy. Helps with everyday household chores. It brings happiness only to benevolent, sincere people.


Eliminates excessive categorization. Improves Virgo's relationship with household and colleagues. Read more about Chrysolite .


Virgo's successful career can be hampered by her amorphousness. Jasper develops self-confidence and business acumen.
Virgo stones

The choice of amulets by decades of date of birth

August 24 – September 2

The desire for self-realization is harmoniously combined in the Virgos of the first decade with scrupulousness in the choice of means. They know how to effectively use their natural potential.

Beneficial minerals:

September 3 – September 12

Representatives of the second decade are seemingly inconspicuous, vulnerable at heart, fall in love once and for all. We are ready to work selflessly for a modest salary. They strive for perfection in everything. People around them often do not notice their merits. Their talismans:

  • jadeite , chalcedony, citrine – give a strong emotional and energetic charge;
  • heliotrope , onyx – will help to overcome complexes (suspiciousness, shyness).

September 13 – September 23

Great analysts are born these days. They always choose the best from the many options. Virgos of the third decade are ready to do their favorite thing 24 hours a day! The following gems are suitable for them:

  • pomegranate, topaz – will reveal the joys of life, not related to work;
  • emerald , sapphire , tourmaline – will enhance creativity and self-confidence.

Additional list of amulets:

Stones unfavorable to Virgo

Although the opinion of modern Astrologers disagrees about unsuitable stones and some, on the contrary, advise choosing stones, not according to the Sun sign, but according to a weak planet in the natal chart . List of stones to which Virgos should take a closer look:

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