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Onyx – the magical properties of the stone

The name of onyx is of ancient Greek origin and means “nail”. This is due to the ancient legend that onyx emerged from the nails of Aphrodite. Onyx stone can have a variety of colors, from very light to dark marsh. A distinctive feature of this mineral is the presence of stripes of brown, black, red and white colors.

Onyx - the magical properties of the stone

Magical properties

This stone helps people who have good intentions in their hearts. The magical properties of onyx stone can be used in order to strengthen leadership in oneself, to develop oratory. Ancient politicians and orators put a small stone under their tongues to make speech more convincing and sound beautiful. The owner of such a stone easily achieves what he wants and makes others listen to his opinion.

The magical properties possessed by onyx stone give its owner a sense of stability and confidence. His strength disciplines, makes him move towards his goal. In addition, the mineral makes it possible to accumulate external positive energy and use it at your own discretion. It is a stone of good mood and vigor.

Onyx - magical propertiesAlso, onyx stone helps to gain patience and concentrate on solving any problems. Keeping onyx on the table is useful for students and scientists, then their long research will not be too tedious.

Onyx differs from other minerals in that it does not start working immediately. He was nicknamed for this “stone-slow-witted”. The magical properties of a mineral are manifested at the moment when a person does something significant to achieve a goal. For people who are loose and apathetic, onyx may be useless.

In ancient times it was called the stone of leaders and military leaders. It strengthens the strength of the spirit, makes its owner invulnerable and brings good luck. The owner of this stone becomes invincible.

The magical properties of onyx stone make it one of the strongest amulets. No evil force can cope with the barrier that this stone creates. It is believed that the mineral protects the host from premature death.

Black onyx

Black onyx is of particular importance to humans. It is a valuable and very beautiful mineral; jewelry is made from such a stone. Moreover, black onyx has unique magical properties. It is able to cure bad habits and adjusts to adhere to a healthy regimen.

Black onyx propertiesAlso, black onyx helps people understand each other's inner state, teaches them to empathize and support. If you keep this stone with you for a long time, you will notice a tendency towards introspection.

Healing properties

The impact of onyx on the human body is quite extensive. It is able to improve the functioning of all systems and organs, but most of all it helps to cope with diseases of the kidneys and liver. Also, this stone improves hearing, treats diseases of the nervous system and neutralizes depressive conditions. In any stressful situation, this wonderful mineral will help its owner to mobilize internal resources and find a state of balance.

The healing properties of onyx will help meteorological people and improve the condition of the cardiovascular system. Also, this mineral strengthens the spine and relieves headaches. Lithotherapists use onyx to treat impotence. Plus, onyx-infused water makes a great addition to any diet. It makes the obese person forget about sugary and fatty foods and lose weight with ease.

Onyx - the magical properties of the stone

Onyx in astrology

Using the healing and magical properties of onyx, it should be borne in mind that this stone is not positively located to all signs of the zodiac. Black onyx is a talisman stone for Capricorn . It enhances the natural purposefulness and some rigidity in the character of this representative of the zodiacal circle.

Also, onyx will become a suitable helper for people born under the signs of Virgo , Taurus , Aries , Libra and Aquarius . It allows them to accumulate positive life energy and brings good luck both in business and in love relationships.


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