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Children’s horoscope. Virgo is a child.

Sign period : (August 24 – September 23)
Planet :
Sign property:
changeable, unstable

Virgo is a childVirgos are the tidiest and most organized kids. The Virgo child is always clean, although he loves to drip in the ground, he does everything neatly. Little Virgo will most likely enjoy gardening with her mother or grandmother. In general, everything that is possible to create with your own hands is interesting for children born under this sign. Crafts, drawing, modeling, etc., – in such creativity, Virgo – a child, most likely, will be able to express himself with pleasure.

Literally, from the first days of life, the baby – Virgo – is the dream of any mother. If he is dry, warm and not hungry, then hardly anything else can make him capricious. But little Virgos are sensitive to the regime, it is important to strictly observe it, especially with regard to water procedures. Children of this sign are very fond of swimming, for them taking a bath is a real ritual. Therefore, you need to bathe every evening and at the same time. Little Virgins, in general, are drawn to water precisely as a means of purification. They quickly and with pleasure learn to wash their hands, wash their face, brush their teeth, etc.
Virgo is a childChild – Virgo is a great house helper. He loves to put everything in its place, to bring cleanliness and order. Scattered things and toys are definitely not about him.

At school, children of this sign, as a rule, study quite mediocre, do not shine, but they never get bad grades. Virgos, even at a small age, are very practical, they will never do more than is required of them, but it is also unprofitable for them to spoil relations with teachers and parents.

Virgo children are very sensitive to criticism, it can negatively affect their self-esteem for life. Therefore, parents need to be very tactful in negative statements. A real manifestation of love and respect for a child is such situations when he is allowed to help others, is admitted to adult work, and shares responsibility with him.

It is very important for a Virgo child to organize all the conditions for healthy nutrition and good rest, then he will rarely get sick and develop harmoniously.

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