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Children’s horoscope. Libra is a child.

Sign period : (September 24 – October 23)
Planet : Venus
Element: Air
Sign property: authoritarian, purposeful, cardinal

Libra - childChildren born under the sign of Libra are very sociable and need company. They develop much better and faster in children’s groups, but such an atmosphere in a team that implies mutual cooperation, not competition, is suitable for them. Little Libra is infinitely charming, friendly and open, everyone is drawn to them, and in return they are happy to give a lot of communication and bright emotions. If a Libra child sees that he gives others pleasure with his communication, then he himself is simply happy.

From childhood, Libras easily find a common language with all their relatives, with such children you can always easily negotiate, rather, even they themselves will quickly agree with anyone.
Libra - childScales easily adapt to any situation and change, so, as a rule, they start going to kindergarten or school without any problems. They are happy that there is a team there, there are opportunities for communication. Libra usually learns quite well too, in many respects, again, thanks to their natural sense of smell. Public speaking is their strong point. Since childhood, Libra will not be difficult to arouse sympathy and trust in the public.

Libra is a child – very reasonable and balanced. Often such a child finds himself in the company of older children, since he is more interested in them, and they treat him with respect.

The biggest punishment for the children of this sign will be the deprivation of their social life, even for the shortest time. Not letting your friends go out – such a punishment for Libra will be really serious. But parents in no case should abuse this kind of educational measures. You can’t lock your child at home so that he learns perfectly or regularly not let him out on the street until he cleans the entire apartment. Libras, deprived of communication in childhood, grow up to be overly headstrong and despotic people who love to humiliate others.

In fact, little Libra will be interested in any activity if he will do it in a company with someone. The Libra kid constantly needs the company of his mother, he will not play alone, because he longs for communication and cooperation.
Libra - childLibras try to never get into conflicts, and they certainly do not provoke them themselves. Of course, this also applies to children. Libra – a child is unlikely to ever turn out to be a fighter and a bully, rather, on the contrary, he will be known as a peacemaker, the soul of the company. At the same time, Libra is rather indecisive, they always ponder everything for a very long time and carefully, weigh the pros and cons. And the fact that Libra in any of the options can consider its advantages makes them even more slow in making a decision.

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