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Children’s horoscope. Cancer is a child.

Sign period : (June 22 – July 23)
Planet : Moon
Element: Water
Sign property: authoritarian, purposeful

Cancer - childThe most important thing for little Cancer is a feeling of stability and security. If parents provide him with these two factors and can surround him with constant care and love, then Cancer will grow up as a very kind and loving child, study diligently and not cause trouble for parents. Parents of a Cancer child will need to constantly demonstrate and confirm their love. It is important for Cancer not only to hear words of love and approval, but also to feel love in frequent kisses and hugs. The kid will fully reciprocate, the little Cancer knows how to be an affectionate, grateful and attentive child. But such a close connection and affection for parents often leads to the fact that it is very difficult for Cancers to start an independent life, they do not want to leave the comfortable parental nest.
Cancer - childLittle Cancers are very sensitive to the world around them, and this is not always a good thing. For example, they may become very intimidated by a loud sound. They need a calm environment in which they will feel completely protected. Cancers are also sensitive to the moods of people close to them. The Cancer baby really feels the mood of the mother, and if she is upset about something, he may also feel uncomfortable and even cry because of this. It is because of this increased sensitivity and emotionality that Cancers are prone to psychosomatic reactions associated with the gastrointestinal tract. In general, Cancers are quite sensitive to food. Therefore, the Cancer child should never be forced to eat, and it is advisable that he remains breastfed for as long as possible.

Excessive attachment to mother and home can make the start of school extremely stressful for Cancer . Therefore, these children should be sent to school as late as possible, to eliminate all stress factors, to make the atmosphere in the house as comfortable and friendly as possible. Parents of little Cancer need to be very patient and careful to develop inner confidence and independence in their child. He vitally needs constant emotional support, otherwise Cancer can withdraw into itself for a long time.

Family is a priority for Cancer throughout his life. For little Cancer, family holidays and family traditions are a real pleasure. Parents just need to be able to give it all to their child.

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