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Children’s horoscope. Taurus is a child.

Sign period : (April 21 – May 21)
Planet : Venus
Element: Earth
Sign property: stable, constant

Taurus is a childFor Little Taurus, in order to feel calm and develop harmoniously, it is very important to clearly and constantly adhere to a strict daily routine. As soon as something breaks out of the usual regime, Taurus feels insecure and anxious. The regimen should be structured so that physical and intellectual activities alternate equally throughout the day. There is no need to focus on one thing.

Taurus children are very fond of the familiar cozy home environment, it gives them a sense of security. Therefore, they often endure too emotionally even trips to visit, let alone travel. Little Taurus needs time to develop a habit, to adapt to something new, to allow this new into the usual regime. Very often, Taurus kids have favorite toys, shabby to holes, which they take with them everywhere, and even sleep with them.
Taurus is a childYou should never openly conflict with little Taurus, otherwise they will categorically refuse to do anything. In such situations, the persistence and endurance characteristic of Taurus turn into outright stubbornness. Threatening, yelling, or spanking will definitely not work for these children. Taurus are afraid of everything new, but they can easily be persuaded to do something with the help of a calm conversation on an equal footing, the main thing is for parents to be patient. Also, these babies can be stimulated with a favorite treat. They are very fond of praise and encouragement, this gives them confidence and the desire to move on.

In terms of health, Taurus has the most vulnerable place – the throat. Therefore, colds in babies of this sign often begin with a sore throat. In cold and windy weather, these kids should avoid walking outside as much as possible.

Taurus, as a rule, from childhood have a fine hearing and a very pleasant voice. It makes sense from an early age to start developing the musical and vocal talents of the representatives of this sign.

For little Taurus, tactile sensations are very important, often, in order to calm the baby, it is enough to gently hug and stroke him.

Because of their desire for comfort, these kids may seem unnecessarily lazy and passive. Indeed, sometimes children of this sign are faced with such a problematic character trait. In this case, it is necessary to push the little Taurus all the time to active games, also because the children of this sign are often prone to the appearance of excess weight.

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