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Yin Yang philosophy

Yin Yang philosophyYin-Yang is the basic principle of the law of the universe. Everything in our world – physical objects or living beings – comes from the interaction of the energy of the two principles of Yin and Yang. Yin and Yang energies make everything in our world unique and different from each other.

Yang is an active principle, fire, sun, warmth, summer, sky, light, masculine.

Yin is a passive beginning, water, cold, moon, earth, soft, dark, feminine.

If Yang energy predominates in a person, then he will be born a man, and if Yin energy predominates, then he will be born a woman. Therefore, the Yin-Yang energy is mutually complementary, and at the same time is the opposite of each other, and cannot exist separately without each other.

Yin Yang Taichi Symbol

The Yin-Yang Taichi   symbol that can be seen in all feng shui books describes the interaction of two principles. Yang energy is the light area of ​​the symbol, and Yin is the dark one.

Yin Yang Symbol

Yin Yang Taichi Symbol

The circles of the Yin-Yang symbol mean endless movement. Yin and Yang are inter-arising, interdependent, and constantly transforming, one into the other. One beginning cannot exist without the other, each contains a particle of the other. As night turns to day, and day to night. Birth ends with death, and death passes into birth. Friends become enemies and enemies become friends. Both parts are one, and are in constant change and movement. Maintain balanceand balance. This is nature – Yin-Yang, which shows that everything in our world is relative.

 Yin Yang philosophy

The fundamental principle of Feng Shui seeks to balance Yin-Yang to create a harmonious flow of Chi vital energy in your home. Therefore, when planning the interior of an apartment or house, it is imperative to take into account these factors of Yin and Yang, because the feng shui of your home should be balanced in terms of these principles.

Yin influence factors in the interior of the house are screens, muted and dark colors, refrigerator, silence, distant rooms in the house, recreation room, bedroom, bed, north side, toilet.

Yang influencing factors in the interior of the house are the living room, loud music, study, noisy road, light and bright colors, main entrance, fresh flowers, lighting and heating devices, hallway, gym, south side – everything that can be compared with vigorous activity …

yin yang philosophyAccording to the basic principle of Feng Shui – harmony and balance of Yin-Yang, there is no need to make the premises unnecessarily dark, gloomy, yin. But if, on the contrary, you constantly turn on loud music and hang all the walls with different bright photo posters, by this action you will create an excess of Yang energy, which will also have a detrimental effect on the favorable creation of Feng Shui in the house. In both cases, there will be an imbalance. These are the fundamental principles of feng shui and must be taken into account.

Using the principles of Yin-Yang, we can take into account the purpose of the rooms, for example, in the bedroom it will be appropriate to use yin energy, muted tones, low furniture, twilight.

For a study or living room, it is better to use the Yang factors – these are bright lighting, high furniture, light colors.

Arranging your house according to Feng Shui , according to the principles of Yin-Yang, harmoniously and skillfully, you will quickly begin to notice how all your premises in the house will begin to help you on their own – in the bedroom you will have a wonderful rest and you will quickly gain strength, and in your office or at your desk to work productively and efficiently and quickly achieve success in your business!


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