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Moon in the sign of Gemini

To imagine the Moon in the sign of Gemini, just look at a river or lake in windy weather. Excitement on the water will perfectly describe the interaction of air and water elements. The moon, symbolizing the water principle, being in the sign of the changeable Gemini, most vividly embodies the principle of mobility, high susceptibility and impermanence.

General characteristics

The Moon in Gemini is very dynamic, easy-going, restless and susceptible to changing external conditions. If in the natal chart of people the Moon is in the sign of Gemini, then the following qualities are inherent in them:

  • Sociability, contact, desire to constantly expand the circle of acquaintances;
  • Curiosity, curiosity, talkativeness;
  • Attentiveness, good learning ability and erudition;
  • Love of travel, the need to learn new and interesting subjects;
  • Greater sensitivity, restlessness, and excitement;
  • Writer talent, storyteller, mediation skills;

Changeable mood, fussiness, a penchant for fantasy and composing.
Lunar Gemini are not afraid of change, they love to travel around the world and are always looking for new experiences. They have the unique ability to do many things at the same time: write a business letter, communicate with a friend on the phone, and place an order on a website. At work, they prefer to do the same job in different ways, then they will not be bored.

Moon in the sign of Gemini

Such a variety of activities and a high speed of operations often lead to chaos in business and cause nervous overexcitation, therefore, people with a gemini moon are advised to take frequent breaks, change the type and mode of work, and also take walks in the fresh air.

Moon in Gemini for a man

A man, in whose natal chart the Moon is in Gemini, it is easy to get acquainted with the fair sex and, thanks to his erudition, sense of humor and hanging tongue, easily finds language with them.

Moon Gemini can meet the woman of their dreams on a trip, in any courses, with friends and acquaintances, on the Internet or while walking in the park.

Sometimes such men show inconstancy and frivolity in relationships. They are prone to flirting and feel comfortable communicating with several friends at the same time. The fact is that not every woman is really interesting to the Moon Gemini, but when he finds a truly smart, socially active, progressive and easy-going girlfriend, then she becomes his companion for life.

Moon in Gemini for a woman

If in the birth chart of a woman the Moon is located in Gemini, then this suggests that the owner of the horoscope is in no hurry to grow up. There are many interesting and fascinating things in the world, and therefore, in the opinion of such women, one should not miss a single opportunity for self-development and knowledge of the world around.

The Moon in Gemini does not gravitate towards a stable life, and therefore, even after getting married, a woman with such a Moon tries to add variety to family life, organizing trips and travels, changing her lifestyle, initiating relocations and a change in home environment.

The owner of the Moon in Gemini, first of all, considers communication with household members to be her mission in the family. She is very happy when she has many interlocutors, and, as a rule, she is happy to maintain relations with both her relatives and her husband’s relatives.
Mother, in whose horoscope the Moon is in Gemini, tries to give her children a versatile education. She is not lazy to read fairy tales to them at night, take walks and excursions, and always finds time to take the children to a circle or to additional classes. The main thing for her is for the child to become a comprehensively developed and erudite person.

How to find a common language with the lunar Gemini? Just constantly provide these people with the most interesting information and fresh news, be their faithful companions and  good interlocutors, and also support them in any endeavors to change their lives.

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Garipova Lilia Ramilevna

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